Tropilex Hanging Chair Review

Tropilex Hanging Chair Review

One thing I love is comfort, and also something a little different, which is why when I was approached by Tropilex to review one of their hanging chairs I could not say no.

We are lucky to have a studio at the end of our garden, which we use when we want to shut off from the world and daily life, and escape for a bit of calm and relaxation. With this in mind the Tropilex Hanging Chair would be a perfect addition.

About Tropilex

With a range of hammocks and hanging chairs which are woven and finished by hand, all by traditional hammock weavers in Columbia and India.  Tropilex monitor the production of their products as closely as they can.  They visit the factories and note all working conditions and quality.

They also have wooden stands which are a perfect addition which are produced from wood from well managed Scandinavian forests.  The stands are produced in a special wood factory in Poland.

Tropical Ocean Blue Hanging Chair

hanging chair


I opted for the Tropical Ocean Hanging Chair, as we had the studio and that was where we were going to use it we chose not to get a stand. Due to personal reasons it was a while before my husband could put the chair up. As he had hook it to the ceiling. Using me as the guinea pig I sat in the chair. I was firstly pleased I did not fall straight to the floor.

Sitting in the chair I felt supported and amazed at how comfortable it was to sit in.  You feel like you are in a cocoon.

Now when I want to switch off from the world. I take myself and a good book and sit and relax in my chair.  It has caused arguments as we both love sitting in it. We are now looking at whether we can have another one.

I definitly love my chair and would say if you have thought about getting one to do so, you will not be disappointed. They also have a lovely range of Hammocks.

Tropilex Hanging Chair Review

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  1. My friends have some of these are even years later I can remember how lovely this was to sit in. I have mentioned to my partner about them for when the garden is done up.

    We even have somewhere to hang them safely.

    Great review x

  2. This sounds like a really nice way to hang around and spend some time. I can imagine that it would be cosy to read a book in.

  3. This sounds like a wonderful chair and the perfect place to relax – I’d definitely love something like this in the garden

  4. This sounds great. It’s something my kids would really enjoy using. I think it would cause arguments here too with the kid.

  5. Oh wow this looks so cosy and comfy! I would love one of these to relax in and please to hear they have stands available to go with these as I am not sure we would have anywhere to hand it! It sounds perfect for reading as you said!

  6. What a lovely review of the Tropilex Hanging Chair, I have been looking to get a similar chair or a hammock in our garden as well with the lovely summer that we have had this year.

  7. I have wanted a hanging chair in my garden ever since I saw Stacey Solomon’s on Instagram. They look so comfortable.

    1. They are very comfortable and I would say to anyone if you have somewhere to put one and love sitting reading and chilling these are a must

  8. I love the sound of this chair and can just imagine chilling out in one. Don’t think it would be any good in my house though, as our ceilings are rubbish and can’t take no weight on them

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