To My Beautiful Daughter

Dear C

Yesterday you turned 15, where have the years gone. It only seemed like yesterday I held you in my arms for the very first time. And gazed down into your beautiful little face looking back at me.  The love I felt for you that day has just got stronger over the years.

You grew from a beautiful happy baby, into a mischievous toddler into everything. Constant chatter and laughter, into a happy child, who loved school, loved going out on adventures, was caring to others.

Over the years we have watched with love and pride at the beautiful young lady you are becoming.

Sadly this past three years, you have been ill. At first we had no idea what was wrong or what our journey would be like.  You were diagnosed with ME and later on Fibromyalgia.  It has robbed you of your life, your teen years, your friends and education. You still smile and put up with me chattering away to you, getting excited if you feel up to a trip out even if it is to Tesco as it is us going out and doing something.

Just recently, we found out your constant 24/7 migraines you have suffered constantly is due to another condition, again you have been such a star, under going 3 lumbar punctures since August, two which took 4 attempts.

We saw a glimmer of our Daughter back, and made plans for your birthday of shopping trips and treats, and out for a meal so you and Dad could have lobster.  Sadly you spent the day in bed as you are in so much pain, and we got a takeaway.

It breaks my hear daily seeing you so ill and in so much pain, I get angry for you, and cry my tears alone, because I want to take it all away from you.

We are now waiting to hear from your Consultant, for maybe another lumbar puncture, we all hate this, but hopefully we will be able to go out and have a bit of fun, and a lot of treats as you deserve it.

All my love

Mum xxx

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  • Kim Carberry 7 months ago Reply

    Happy birthday to your daughter.
    I am so sorry your girl is so ill. Sending big hugs x

    admin 7 months ago Reply

    Thank you x

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