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The Most Iconic Dinosaur Species You Should Know

They may be gone for millions of years, but dinosaurs continue to capture the imagination of kids aged 0 to 99. All dinosaurs are cool, but some are certainly cooler than others and have attained iconic status in popular culture. Here are some of the most iconic dinosaur species you should know:

The Most Iconic Dinosaur Species You Should Know

Tyrannosaurus Rex

No dinosaur list would be complete without this king of lizards. Also fondly called the T-Rex, this famous dinosaur’s name literally means “tyrant lizard king” in Latin. The T-Rex was one of the top predators during the late Cretaceous Period (around 66 million years ago). The largest T-Rex grew up to 12.3 meters or 40 feet long and 6 meters or 20 feet tall, that’s around as tall as a two-story building!



It’s hard to believe this armored dinosaur, with its bony plates embedded in its skin and a bony club that can wallop a T-Rex, is an herbivore. The ankylosaurus lived around the same time as the T-Rex in the late Cretaceous Period (66-68 million years ago). It is estimated that the largest ankylosaurs grew to around 8 meters or 26 feet long and weighed around 8 tons.



One of the most distinctive dinosaurs, the triceratops is famous for its unique bony frill and three horns. It was the same length as the ankylosaurus and could grow as tall as 3 meters or 10 feet. Its name means “three-horned face” in Ancient Greek. The Triceratops were also herbivores and lived during the Cretaceous Period (they were probably preyed upon by the T-Rex).



The Brachiosaurus is another iconic dinosaur depicted in many movies and cartoons. The Brachiosaurus was a sauropod, a type of dinosaurs known for their incredible size. They grew as long as 21m/69 ft and as tall as 13m/43 ft. The Brachiosaurus were plant eaters and can eat as much as 400kg/880lbs of plant daily!



The Mosasaurus gained popularity because of its show-stopping scenes in the 2015 film “Jurassic World”. The biggest Mosasaurus grew as long as 15m/50 ft, longer than the T-Rex. Mosasaurs were carnivores and could eat anything from bony fish to sea turtles. Like snakes, the Mosasaurs had four rows of teeth on the roof of the mouth.


the most iconic dinosaur you should know

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