The Diary Of A Menopausal Mum

The Diary Of A Menopausal Mum – 18/06/2021

For those who are new to my blog, this is my section where I talk about the Menopause.  It is nothing medical or heavy, just the light hearted funny side to the many effects the menopause causes us.

A quick catch up from my last post.


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I am still sorting out my broken tooth, I am having to have a denture made, well it was that or walk around with no front tooth.  Can you imagine how that would look.  My dentist is amazing and making this with my half tooth still in.  I have had one fitting and going back next week for another fitting to make sure it is all ok before the half tooth finally comes out.

Hot Flushes

I am really struggling with my hot flushes, more so now the weather is hot, I just have to think about moving and I break out in a sweat.  I just can not get comfortable and have even thought about taking squatters rights in the shower and sitting in a cool shower. If anyone has any tips on keeping cool please send them my way.


My kids really seem to keep me on my toes, I swear they time everything at the right time to get me even more stressed and worried.

With C it is her jaw, I had a huge row with our GP the other week, she has a condition called TMJ and right now her jaw is out of line, but according to our GP this is fine.  C can barely eat and is in agony so I have made an appointment to see a private consultant.  The middle one messaged asking me to contact the eldest as something is wrong.  The eldest is ignoring us all, and then the middle one is away on holiday and lost his card and cant get any money.  I hope you keep up as that is just how my life has been this week keeping up with them.

Menopause Support Group

If you are going through the Menopause Emma Guy has published a new book called the Menopausal Godmother which includes tips and ticks on dealing with the menopause.  Plus she has recently set up a new Facebook group which you can find more about here.

Diary of a menopausal mum -18/06/21




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  • Margaret Gallagher
    19th June 2021 at 9:30 am

    You are doing so well – k3ep up the great work

  • Laura
    19th June 2021 at 11:57 am

    I am always feeling hot so I’m dreading what it’s going to be like when I reach menopause

  • Gill HM
    23rd June 2021 at 9:32 am

    The only way I cope with hot flushes in the Summer is a brilliant little electric fan on the coffee table beside me. It really wasn’t that expensive – unlike some of the taller,standing fans I’ve seen. It has a head that sweeps from side to side and is utter bliss. I really don’t know what I’d have done without it!

    • admin
      23rd June 2021 at 9:46 am

      I do have a fan but find at night it is too noisy, I do have one of those scarfs that you wet with cold water, but need to buy another one as can not find mine anywhere

  • Carly Belsey
    25th June 2021 at 4:54 am

    It’s a wonder how us women do not end up being section with the amount our bodies have to go through and the amount we have to deal with! You are doing very well.

    • admin
      25th June 2021 at 9:51 am

      I wonder that myself sometimes, especially if I do or say something and my husband gives me one of his looks lol


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