Summer Boquets With Prestige Flowers

Summer Boquets With Prestige Flowers

One thing I love around my home is flowers.  If the weather is cold and grey they add a bit of colour to the home.  If the weather is warm and sunny they just add that bit of extra sunshine.

With the current climate especially, where we have been unable to meet up with our friends and family.  Even more of us have had to turn to online shopping.  With having Mothers Day and various birthdays happen during lockdown, I have looked at Flower Delivery even more.

Summer Flowers

summer flowers

When chosing flowers I look for flowers that I know the recipient will love, and any add ons that you can chose as an extra gift kike Free Chocs, which Prestige are currently offering with their June boquets, and UK Flower Delivery.

Sensational Sunflowers


I was sent the Sensational Sunflower Boquet, which I loved as I do love sunflowers. They also came with a gorgeous teddy bear, who we have name Sunny.


I love that you can choose additional items when choosing your flowers of choice, which includes everything from

  • Chocolates,
  • Vase
  • Teddy
  • Balloon
  • Candle
  • Birthday Cake
  • And many more add ons

With the add ons you can personalise your gift and send a gift which will be loved and remembered.

My Opinion



The flowers arrived under their Next Day Delivery service, but you can choose any date you wish the flowers to be delivered. As you will see the flowers were fresh and not fully open, another plus.  I have had flowers from other companies before that have been nearly dead.

Over the weekend they have bloomed and are still looking great today.  The flowers come well packaged to avoid damage while in transit.  When I unpacked the box they were delivered in, not even a petal had been damaged.  There is nothing worse than arranging a flower delivery to someone and the flowers are either old or damaged.

I love Prestige Flowers, and always use them as my go to when I am looking at flower delivery, as I know that I can order in confidence, plus who does not like receiving an added gift with their flowers.

Summer Boquets With Prestige Flowers



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  1. What a lovely seasonal bouquet. I would love to receive some flowers but I think I’ll actually send some to my Nana as it’ll help cheer her up 💐

    1. I love sunflowers they always put a smile on my face, I am sure your Nana would love to receive some flowers x

  2. I adore sunflowers – they look so beautiful! this definitely sounds like a lovely service and great for a pick me up x

  3. Awww! Such gorgeous sunflowers, they never fail to make me smile! 🙂 How lovely that the bouquet comes with a super cute teddy bear too! Sim x

  4. I’ve had prestige flowers before and they’ve always been great. I can’t wait to have flowers in the house all the time as they make me feel happier x

  5. I love sunflowers so much. We try growing them every year but they are never very successful, much better to buy some!

    1. We have grown them every year, and usually have a good display, last year our neighbour had to ask us to bend one down as it was blocking his Sky signal

  6. This bouquet will definitely put a smile on anyone’s face. I love the lovely addition of the bear with the Prestige flowers. Great touch

  7. Oh I do love sunflowers, they always cheer me up – what a gorgeous bouquet and the bear is so cute too

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