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Steam Carpet Cleaning or Dry Cleaning – What Cleaning Method to Choose

Deep carpet cleaning – what is its main task? First, to remove contamination of products. Second, it is important to maintain structural features, plasticity of the carpet and not spoil its decorative pattern. The methods of carpet cleaning are specific, with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Steam Carpet Cleaning: Pros and Cons

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If you are afraid to spoil a valuable carpet in the process of domestic carpet cleaning, use professional carpet cleaning services. Specialists are better aware of carpet cleaning technologies, have modern cleaning solutions, as well as modern specialized equipment. They will accurately determine the nature of the contamination and select the best means for processing the product. You can count on the fact that the carpet will be cleaned as efficiently as possible. In addition, a number of contaminants can only be removed by carpet cleaning St Albans experts.

In recent years, consumers’ attention to environmental issues of housing has increased, so hot water extraction carpet cleaning is considered one of the most effective environmental cleaning methods.

Professional carpet cleaning services are beneficial because they guarantee:

  • Safety for health. Carpet steam cleaning is not just dirt removal. This is also disinfection – the removal of ticks, fungi, moths, microorganisms, the elimination of odours. High-quality steam carpet cleaning involves the use of the safest means, and the owner of the carpet does not participate in the processs of cleaning the carpet at all.
  • Effectiveness – Hot water steam is used for cleaning different kind of surfaces, leaving them free of microbes, bacteria and allergens. This method of cleaning can be used for disinfecting not only the carpet, but also all the kitchen appliances and your bathroom.
  • Use of minimum amount of water, which leads to quick drying of the treated surface, in which mould is not guaranteed to get into.
  • The ability to order additional services. You can refresh the appearance of your whole property by including more items such as: sofas, mattresses, curtains, rugs and more.
  • Save time and guarantee. Carpet cleaning services will save your time and energy. Companies with a reputation guarantee their services.

It is also important to note that with the help of steam you can clean carpets in a pet-friendly way.

Among the shortcomings of steam carpet cleaning services is their cost, which can be high. As in any field, one may encounter unprofessionalism and unsatisfactory quality of work. Therefore, you need to approach the choice of service seriously. Experts advise hot water extraction carpet cleaning to be performed at least once a year, not pick budget or local companies and trust companies with a reputation.

Dry powder cleaning of carpets at home is especially good, since it is completely non-toxic, does not contain allergens and harmful chemicals. You can be absolutely calm for your children, beloved puppies and kittens.

The advantages of the dry powder method for cleaning carpets and rugs:

  • no shrinkage
  • no colour change in the carpet
  • there is no drying time, the carpet is dry immediately after cleaning
  • it is possible to walk on the carpet even during cleaning, that is, you can clean the premises around the clock use (casinos, restaurants, bars, hotels)
  • it is possible to clean the carpet laid on the floor, plywood, wood, tile carpet, carpet on glue and so on.
  • Silk carpet cleaning is possible.

Even with such positive aspects, there are several rather large drawbacks of this method of carpet cleaning:

  • This technology is only suitable as supportive carpet cleaning.
  • Does not cope with complex spots.

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