How To Stay Safe On Holiday With Your Legal Friend

How To Stay Safe On Holiday With Your Legal Friend

Whilst many of us have had our holidays for the year, and start to settle in the autumn and winter months, and dream of our next summer holiday.  Many people are travelling to warmer (or colder) climates during the winter months.  With the help of Your Legal Friend, I am going to speak about keeping safe and well whilst on holiday.

My trip

In April, you may have remembered I went to Cape Verde to celebrate my milestone birthday. You can read the post here.  Cape Verde is perfect if you are wanting warmer weather during the cold grey months here. I follow a page on Facebook about the hotel and Sal. Some people come back moaning about sickness and accidents.  So I am going to write about, how to stay safe while you are away on your next family holiday.

What to pack

  • Sun Protection – Do research before travelling to see how hot the climate is and what is recommended.  In Cape Verde the sun is a lot stronger than in Spain for example.  Make sure you have the right factor.
  • First Aid Kit – This is not only for those of you with a family. Also for couples or sole travellers as well.  I know from experience it is not just the children who have accidents.
  • Allergy Relief – Always make sure you have some sort of allergy relief with you. Even if you think you do not have reactions, you just never know.  My Dad was in his 40’s when he got stung by a wasp and luckily someone was with him or he would have died and he had no idea he reacted to them like this.
  • Protective Wear – Sunglasses, Hats and thin natural material clothes that you can cover up with to keep the sun rays off.

How to Stay Safe and Well

  • Always apply sun protection, and keep reapplying to stop your skin from burning.
  • Do not sit out in direct sunlight all day, keep shaded for at least part of the day
  • Do not sit out in the midday sun (yes we have all heard the song)
  • Keep hydrated, keep a bottle of water with you at all times, and keep having drinks to stop dehydration
  • Where hats and try to stay as cool as possible
  • Keep medical kit handy, the basics to take in a kit are plasters, antiseptic creams and wipes, eye wash and allergy relief, tablets for upset stomachs and indigestion tablets
  • Hand sanitiser as we all know that germs linger and not everyone is into their personal hygiene as we are
  • Avoid ice in drinks as this is usually made with local water
  • Never use tap water to clean your teeth use bottled water
  • Use After sun, I find the best one is one with Aloe Vera in as it is cooling to the skin, I usually apply after a shower and moisturise again before I go to bed.

Avoid a ruined holiday

One of the main causes of a ruined holiday is food poisoning on holiday, not all cases are due to food poisoning but down to over indulging in food and drink.  Where we stayed when we went to Cape Verde was very clean, they had hand santiser all around the restaurant, the staff were always cleaning any mess around the food areas, and a member of staff was always checking temperatures of food and freshness and we had no illnesses at all.

I do understand that this is not the case in some hotels worldwide and we can fall with the dreaded food poisoning, which is not fun for anyone.

One reason we take out holiday insurance, is to not only cover our personal belongings but also cover us for illness or accident, and we sometimes find that we are not covered for this at all.  This is where Your Legal Friend can help you if you have suffered and illness or accident on holiday.


*This is a sponsored post but all words are my own.




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