Spring preparation for your Car Tyres

Those of us who drive, know the importance of keeping our well looked after.  But how many of us actually do? We obviously know about petrol as well, we just would not get anywhere without it. Here we are looking at Spring preparation for your Car Tyres.

Spring preparation for your Car Tyres

But apart from the checks we all do on our cars before an MOT, how many of us actually carry out regular maintenance.

One part of the car that is very often neglected but is also very important is the tyres.  They are what helps keep our cars on the road, help us stop when we press the brakes.

I will admit I am terrible for this.  I do check the pressure of my tyres by looking to see if they look like they need more air in them, a very technical way which I am sure many of you use.

Why Should I Regularly Check My Tyres?

Whether you are going on a short local trip or longer journey.  You should check your tyre pressure regularly as this will

  • help prevent unnecessary punctures or blow outs
  • Save fuel
  • Make steering easier
  • Prevent an accident

This can be done quickly and easily at the garage when you pop in for petrol.

Another thing to check, especially if you feel your car pulling to one side when you are driving along, is tracking.  This can be easily checked. This also optimises the wear on your tyres.

You also need to check the tread of your tyre, this is also a legal requirement.  If you do not have the correct tread, there is a strong chance when you hit the brakes your car will skid.  Which could course an accident which you will be liable for.

All of these are quick and easy things you can check for yourself, or with great ease, user friendly interface and the staff at the depot you can buy the best tyres in Northampton only from Calmac Tyres Autocentre. Who offer all the above services plus tyre replacement if needed.


Spring preparation for your Car Tyres



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