Speck Review and Giveaway

Speck Review and Giveaway

Our phones are always one of the things we pick up and make sure we have before heading out the door. They are usually the most expensive item we have with us daily.  But how many of us drop our phone, or knock it on the floor, I know this is something I am guilty of.  Which is why finding a phone cover to protect your phone is important.  This is why I have teamed up with Speck to review their covers and offer you the chance to own your own protective cover.

Who are Speck?

Speck have been creating award-winning cases since 2001.  The cases are designed to make an impact and to protect your products from smartphones tablets, laptops and watches.  The cases offer a balance of slim lines and a military-grade protection.

Speck Cases

I was sent two cases to review which I will talk about below. As we have iPhones these are what I have reviewed.  They do cases for all makes of phones



I received the Clear and Gold Glitter.  It has an ultra-slim design and superior impact protection.  This is a premium clear glitter iPhone case.

With a hard exterior  layer that disperses force and an interior layer that absorbs and disperses shock away from your device. The case has been drop tested from 8 feet multiple times under laboratory conditions.  This means that the case will hold up and protect your phone if you accidentally drop it.

The Presidio case is their slimmest line of cases so far, adding 20% less bulk to your phone than previous Candy Shell cases, by removing excess material without sacrificing protection. Plus the cases come with a lifetime limited warranty.



The Presido Show comes with a 10 foot drop tested protection and a clear design that shows of the beauty of your phone, giving you the best of both worlds.

The clear case features a shock barrier using Speck’s innovative new shock-suppression technology that protects your device without adding unnecessary bulk.  With a dynamic shock-absorbing material that absorbs 50% more shock from impact than traditional TPE rubber.

My Opinion

I have been trying these phones now, they are very slim build as opposed to my normal phone case which is quite old now.  I have also dropped my phone, this was due to trying to carry too much and hands too full.  So have put the case to the test.  My phone was undamaged and the case remained looking brand new.  Very impressed.

The Giveaway

If you would like to try Speck cases, I have a great giveaway where 3 lucky winners can win 2 *phone cases for their phone.  To enter see below


Speck Review and Giveaway

Good luck.

*The prize is for iPone 7 cases or above

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Speck Review and Giveaway






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Comments (126)

  • Peter Watson 1 month ago Reply

    No,I have never left home without my phone-yet.

    Katie B 1 month ago Reply

    I rarely leave home without my phone. Its my music for my 30 minute drive to work so it’s essential!

  • Joo Dee 1 month ago Reply

    I have, but generally only take it incase of breakdown, usually switched off!

  • Sheena Batey 1 month ago Reply

    I used to but I always have it with me now

  • Kristie Metcalfe 1 month ago Reply

    Yes I have! I was running late and in a bit of a panic. I didn’t realise that I didn’t have my phone with me until I arrived at work. A whole 9 hours of no music, no notifications or something to keep my busy whilst I was at lunch. Admittedly I could have biked home to get it, but I was feeling rather lazy by the time the afternoon came.

    Becky Rulton 1 week ago Reply

    I have before by accident. Usually keep it on me just incase my daughter needs to get hold of me or my work calls in an emergency.

  • Joanne Hutchings 1 month ago Reply

    Never unless I’ve deliberately planned to. I’d be completely lost without it!

    Zoey H 1 week ago Reply

    Nope, never leave home without it. I

  • fiona waterworth 1 month ago Reply

    more times than I can remember, poor husband gets sick of having to drive back to get it

  • Sarah Fielding 1 month ago Reply

    I have yes!

    Irene Gilmour 2 weeks ago Reply

    No I have not it’s always on Me

  • Mel Pennie 1 month ago Reply

    I never leave the house without my phone. It even comes out with me when I am just sitting in the garden.

  • Craig L 1 month ago Reply

    Yes please

  • Iain maciver 1 month ago Reply

    yes plenty times

  • Angie McDonald 1 month ago Reply

    Yes but only once before and I was very stressed out

  • Solange 1 month ago Reply

    Yes, many times.

  • Ruth Harwood 1 month ago Reply

    To be honest, leaving my home without my phone is so common an occurrence that I just always forget it, only leave to go shop anyway, so not missed much lol!!

  • Jo Dawkins 1 month ago Reply

    Yep I gave forgotten it loads of times and it always makes me uneasy.

  • Tim Millington 1 month ago Reply

    I have left home without my phone previously but it was a very regretful experience and I would prefer not to recall it.

  • Allan Wilson 1 month ago Reply

    All the time – we don’t have mobile reception in the valley and the phones are only for use when we leave home – so quite often forget to take it.

  • Emilia Nastaly-Howard 1 month ago Reply

    Few times, not really attached to it

  • ROCHELLE LEAR 1 month ago Reply

    Once or Twice Only ! It’s a real pain as I rely on it for so much !

    Simona Barrett 1 week ago Reply

    Only once 🙈 I’m completely attached to it..

    Lucy carter 1 week ago Reply

    Yes, I frequently forget my phone and keys!

  • Rachael McCadden 1 month ago Reply

    no i always have my phone on me

  • Annabel Greaves 1 month ago Reply

    Yes, I once broke down and I had forgotten to take my phone so I always remember it now

  • Gill Williams 1 month ago Reply

    I have left home without my phone but have always returned to get it.

  • Janice Dunn 1 month ago Reply

    My phone is with me at all times, it really is my lifeline

  • Carolyn E 1 month ago Reply

    Constantly when I first got it,

  • Danielle Spencer 1 month ago Reply

    I’ve left home without my phone although I feel more vulnerable without it as I can’t contact someone as easily.

  • Rich Tyler 1 month ago Reply

    I try not too, but once or twice

  • Rachel Mccraith 1 month ago Reply

    If I’m only popping to the local shop I often leave my phone behind. I wouldn’t if I knew I was going to be longer than an hour or so though

  • Eileen Hindley 1 month ago Reply

    Yes, I have often left home without my phone 🙂

  • Mariel Pereira 1 month ago Reply

    I drop my phone a lot 🙁
    so this would come in handy!

  • Helen Markham 1 month ago Reply

    Yes! Always with me in case if emergencies

  • Naomi Smith 1 month ago Reply


  • Lori Darling 1 month ago Reply

    If I have forgotten it – I always go back and get it.

  • Mark R 1 month ago Reply

    I have, and immediately became paranoid car would break down when couldn’t phone for help.

  • Helen S Wright 1 month ago Reply


    Sammie Martin 1 week ago Reply

    Yes, I’ve left my phone at home before

  • GooderDan 1 month ago Reply

    All the time, very frustating when you’re meeting someone and can’t confirm!

  • michelle o'neill 1 month ago Reply

    Yes i have forgotten it a couple of times!

  • Daniel 1 month ago Reply

    oh yes, a few times. Each time I am completely lost as my phone contains my life!

  • Tracy Hanley 1 month ago Reply

    I have forgotten my phone a few times when going to work

  • Leanne Redpath 1 month ago Reply

    I never leave my house without my phone

  • Nicola Dean 1 month ago Reply

    The only time I leave my phone at home is when I go on holiday. The freedom it gives is amazing

  • Carole Nott 1 month ago Reply

    A few times and not a pleasant feeling when realised I was without it, especially when driving

  • Lisa Wilkinson 1 month ago Reply

    Yes all the time!

  • Natalie Burgess 1 month ago Reply

    Yes and I feel totally lost! Xx

  • Ben Audsley 1 month ago Reply

    very rarely !!

  • Katie Witherington 1 month ago Reply

    I have before and felt very lost without it

    Stef Acaster 1 week ago Reply

    Only rarely, I usually have it with me.

  • ellie spider 1 month ago Reply

    only a few times but when i dont have my phone with me it feels like ive left the house without undies on!!!!

  • Angela Treadway 1 month ago Reply

    yeah if i want to travel light! x

  • Sophie Roberts 1 month ago Reply

    No and I’d be lost if I did!

  • Charlotte isobelle 1 month ago Reply

    Sometimes if I’m just nipping to the shop x

  • Claire Nutman 1 month ago Reply


  • Rebecca King 4 weeks ago Reply

    Yes, but not on purpose

  • Adrian price 4 weeks ago Reply

    i have the memory of a goldfish–so I’m always leaving home without my phone

  • beckym 4 weeks ago Reply

    Yes I have left home on a few occasions by accident without my phone and felt like I was missing a limb!

  • A.E. ADKINS 4 weeks ago Reply

    Often leave my phone at home, not always deliberately

  • Angela Muir 4 weeks ago Reply

    Yes I have and it’s very annoying when I do.

  • Lea Mavin 4 weeks ago Reply

    Yes but not intentionally

  • laura nice 4 weeks ago Reply

    Yes when i go shopping i like to have a bit of peace.

  • KB 4 weeks ago Reply

    Very occasionally. But i do feel a bit funny without it!

  • S Straw 4 weeks ago Reply

    I once accidentally pu tmy phone in my sons school bag, kept ringing it to try to find it. Eventually the school secretary rang me on my land line to let me know where it was.

  • Chanette Kennedy 4 weeks ago Reply

    I do accidentally, very rarely! It always feels like I’m missing an arm or something as I’m so used to having it with me

  • Maria 3 weeks ago Reply

    Once I did and it was horrible lol,

    I didn’t realise how much I relied on it until then

  • claire woods 3 weeks ago Reply

    Yes, I have forgotten it before now and it’s a nuisance. It’s okay if we stay together as a family but on a shopping trip we split up and without a phone it’s hard to contact each other.

  • Lisa 3 weeks ago Reply

    I have as sometimes i ike to be daring and go back to oldskool methods just like the good ol days.

  • Tracy Burns 3 weeks ago Reply

    Occasionally. No one rings me when I have it around but you can guarantee if I leave it, I miss a few calls!

  • laura pyper 2 weeks ago Reply

    no I always take my phone with me

  • Simon Bloomer 2 weeks ago Reply

    I remember leaving home when taking my phone with me would have meant a long, long wire…!!!

  • Chloe ellis 2 weeks ago Reply

    Definitely sometimes!

  • Janet Richardson 2 weeks ago Reply

    Only once in my life – and never again!

  • donna jones 2 weeks ago Reply


  • Emma England 2 weeks ago Reply

    Yes, I hate leaving my phone at home. Even worse leaving it at work and having to wait until the next day to get it.

  • Simon Knuckey 2 weeks ago Reply

    Always Got My 📱

  • Angelique G 2 weeks ago Reply

    Pre lockdown, never… I now do leave it behind almost everytime, not sure if its going to last but i am enjoying it right now!

  • Jodi Hill 2 weeks ago Reply

    I actually tend to leave mine at home sometimes deliberately, so I can’t be botheres! Lol
    These cases look great, perfect as I’m buying my son an iPhone for his 13th birthday in a few weeks 🙂

  • Jessica Barber 2 weeks ago Reply

    Only by accident! I feel like I’ve forgotten my left arm when I do!

  • kim neville 2 weeks ago Reply

    Forgot a few times and felt a bit lost without it

  • Victoria Prince 2 weeks ago Reply

    Once or twice, but never by choice and not recently!

  • Patricia Barrett 2 weeks ago Reply

    Yes, but only by mistake!

  • Carly Belsey 1 week ago Reply

    I feel totally naked if i have left home without my phone in the past!

  • James Travis 1 week ago Reply

    No, I always make sure I have it with me

  • angela sandhu 1 week ago Reply

    I cant remember the last time i left home without my phone-must have been years ago-it is glued to my hand!!

  • Margaret Nokling 1 week ago Reply

    I definitely feel stressed if I’m going to be out for some time and I don’t have my phone with me.

  • Rachel B 1 week ago Reply

    I have and it is a nightmare.

  • Karen R 1 week ago Reply

    I can’t believe I’m so attached to my phone nowadays – if I ever forget it, which I don’t, I always have to go and fetch it straightaway 🙂

  • Susan Hoggett 1 week ago Reply

    Yes pleased

  • jamie piper 1 week ago Reply

    hardly ever

  • Cathryn Crawshaw 1 week ago Reply

    once or twice but feel panicked if don’t have it with me

  • Charlotte H 1 week ago Reply

    I never leave the house without my phone – it’s my watch, map, music I couldn’t be without it!

  • Leslie Evans 1 week ago Reply

    Yes, many times

  • Erica Hughes 1 week ago Reply

    occasionally – feel very odd without it.

  • Karen Watt 1 week ago Reply

    I’ve left phone at home

  • Kellie Collister 1 week ago Reply

    Not for a long time except on holiday

  • Vanessa Forsythe 1 week ago Reply

    Yes, a few times.

  • Natalie R 1 week ago Reply

    No definitely not

  • Andrzej Szymanski 1 week ago Reply

    It has happened a number of times and it wasn’t problematic.

  • Adrian Bold 1 week ago Reply

    Many, many times. I don’t use it much though so I don’t miss it.

  • Andrzej Szymanski 1 week ago Reply

    It’s happened a number of times which is not a problem.

  • Geoff Hibbert 1 week ago Reply

    Quite a few times

  • Magsd 1 week ago Reply

    I’ve left home without my phone an occasional time and it didn’t really matter as I was at work and I can’t use my phone there

  • Leslie Evans 1 week ago Reply

    Yes many times

  • Krystal Miller 1 week ago Reply

    Amazing prizes. But yes left home and felt a little lost haha!

  • Ruth lee 1 week ago Reply

    yes a few times

  • Jeanette Leighton 1 week ago Reply

    Always only once or twice I have forgotten it

  • chloe rance 1 week ago Reply

    Yes! It is so horrible leaving home without it LOL I feel naked!

  • NBush 1 week ago Reply


  • Paul Bingham 1 week ago Reply


  • Mary Wilson 1 week ago Reply

    No it’s stuck to me like glue x

  • Pam Gregory 1 week ago Reply

    Yes I have and I felt lost without it!

  • Tracy B 1 week ago Reply

    Yes lots of times, I’m always forgetting to pick it up

  • laura stewart 1 week ago Reply

    yes! feel naked without it xx

  • MERYL Thomas 1 week ago Reply

    Yes, often!!!!

  • Amy D 1 week ago Reply

    Never really, even when i’m running it’s still with me so i can listen to music.

  • Sallyanne Rose 1 week ago Reply

    rarely, i use it for fitness apps and podcasts so would miss it immediatly

  • Orange23 1 week ago Reply

    Sometimes, I’m not that attached to it. These look great for protecting phones.

  • Rebecca Phillips 1 week ago Reply

    No, never! If I’m going out without the kids I will always stick my earphones in before leaving so no chance of forgetting it.

  • Sue Clarke 1 week ago Reply

    My case is disintegrating but can’t the replacement ones I like don’t seem to be available for an iPhone 6 🙁

  • Kerry Smith 1 week ago Reply

    Oh my god I hate forgetting my phone it rarely happens but when it does i panic in case I break down or something

  • Amanda tanner 1 week ago Reply

    Yes I have and realised half way walking to work and ran back to get it. Cant live without it unfortunately

  • Natalie Gillham 1 week ago Reply

    I have left home without my phone on many occasions, always by mistake x

  • Darren Bourne 1 week ago Reply

    Yes for exercise but not often.

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