So Much Fun With A Ride On Toy

So Much Fun With A Ride On Toy

Trying to give your kids the best presents for their birthday or Christmas is something we all want as parents. From when are children are born we have always wanted to give them the toy of their choice that they just have to have. Or see something they have not asked for but you know they will love.

One Christmas years ago, when the boys were little, on a shopping trip for stocking fillers, we ended up looking at ride on toys.  We both said the youngest would love that and on a whim we decided to buy it for him.

Christmas Day

Both myself and my husband get excited for the kids at Christmas, and as Christmas got closer so did our excitement.  He had no idea we had got this for him.

When he opened his present his face said it all and he could not wait to get outside and have a test drive.  He loved it as he drove up and down the drive his little face beaming.

Over time his jeep got old and eventually would not work, but this did not stop him playing with it.

He would copy his Dad washing it, make ramps and do mechanics on it.  When C came along the boys loved pushing her around in it.

I think we must have had the jeep for over 10 years until it finally just fell apart.  When we purchased it all those years ago we never knew just how much fun he would have with his jeep.  How his imagination would take him to new ways to play with it.

They are not cheap but we both look back and say that is the best present we have ever got for him.  The years of fun he got from playing with it, and including his baby sister in it as well.

Have you any stories of your kids with ride on toys?

So Much Fun With A Ride On Toy

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  1. I kind of regret not getting my son something like this, he would have loved it!

    He did have a push along bike thing that he loved! He’d get pushed along thinking he was a king or something!

  2. It’s always nice to know that when you buy a big present that the kids get a lot of use out of it and it lasted well over all that time x

  3. These are great, all of my kids would love these, doesn’t matter the age, when I was growing up i always wanted some like this, they may be pricey but that a big present.

    1. That was the only downfall having to make sure the battery was charged but the hours of fun he got from it was amazing

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