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Smart Ways to Save Cash Online Shopping in 2021

After a challenging 2020, one of the things that we should all think about leaving behind as we progress through 2021, is the way  in which we spent money.
Due to the pandemic, the majority of us completed our online shopping online- making it easier to spend money. As a result, many of us are beginning to feel the pinch.

As the pandemic continues, here are some smart ways to spend smarter and save money in 2021.

Smart Ways to Save The Cash When Online Shopping in 2021

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1 – Don’t have your card details saved on your computer 

Having the option to keep your card details on auto-fill when making purchases online. Can be an easy way to shop when it comes to quickly picking up the essentials. But it also makes it much easier to spend without really thinking about it.

Not saving your details, and actually having to punch in your card details at check out helps you to keep track of mindful spending.

2 – Delete browser cookies 

Ever looked for something online, only to find the things you searched for EVERYWHERE you looked? From scrolling through your instagram stories, side banners on your favorite blog, or even on youtube, the same deals are there tempting you.
The reason for this is that your browser has all of those cookies from the websites saved to show you the things you may already be ‘thinking about’. The more you see them–the more you’re likely to want to buy them.

For damage limitation, delete your cookies regularly- out of sight, out of mind and all that!

3 – Limit your streaming services 

It might not be enough to just cut cable and rely on streaming to fulfil your never ending need to binge watch series, but with a huge range of services available with some of some of the best firestick apps out there, it’s easy and fast to transform even the most basic of TVs into a means to watch your own personalised TV channel with all of your favorites. All you need is a TV with an HDMI port and with a firestick. You get to experience the joy of a SMART TV.

But, if you want to save money by cutting cable, you don’t want to spend the same money, if not more, on numerous streaming services. Don’t let yourself be sucked into buying specialist ‘HD packages. As they are often double the price with not much difference in quality, if we’re really honest with ourselves 

4 – Keep a close eye on your bank balance 

It’s easy to lose track of what you’ve been spending when you spend on a card.  That is until the dreaded day that you’re caught short at the checkouts two weeks before you get paid.

Use online banking to keep track of your spending. Many banks offer apps to their customers which means they can manage their spending from the comfort of their own homes or when out and about.

Make sure to have any automatic payments coming out the day you get paid so that you are aware of the money you’ll have for the rest of the month, too.

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