Day 3 Of My Simply Cook Review

Day 3 Of My Simply Cook Review

Day 3 of my meals from Simply Cook  box.

The next meal we tried was the Cod and Chorizo Broth


Like the previous meals, you get the list of ingredients you need to buy.

2  Cod Loins


Cannellini Beans


With the step by step guide, this recipe was easy to follow and not a lot of preparation.

This was a different meal for us, and my husband only eating baked beans and refuses any other type of beans, tried this and agreed they were ok and we can use them again.

This meal was tasty (if a little too spicy) but that is trial and error, if you get one of these boxes and try this meal I would recommend tasting before putting all the spice in.


I would make this again.

Check back tomorrow, for my last meal review from this box and then look out for the ultimate review and money off if you fancy giving these a go

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