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Pregnancy Tips for a Happy and Healthy Mother and Baby

It doesn’t matter if it is your first pregnancy or your fifth. Becoming a mother is a special event and one that you must do your best in. Every one of your efforts will help with your new baby’s development, and they deserve your utmost care and attention. So, regardless of whether you are planning or have just found out, use these tips to help keep yourself and your baby as healthy as possible.

Before Pregnancy

If you can, always visit your GP before you get pregnant. There are a few vitamins and nutrients you will want to start on before you get pregnant, with one of the most important being folic acid. Vitamins, however, are not the only reason to see a GP before you get pregnant. If you are on medication, this may cause problems in your pregnancy, and you
and your GP will have to find a suitable alternative, ideally before you have the added hormones of pregnancy to contend with.

During Pregnancy

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Regular visits, clean eating, and refraining from smoking and drinking are all standard pregnancy tips. Indulge in some self care too and treat yourself to a pregnancy massage at home for the ultimate relaxation. Just remember to also…


Exercise, however, is also very important and can absolutely be done safely when pregnant. Water exercises, in particular, are very kind on the body, so you can stay fit and healthy for your baby.

The exercise you do also applies at home, with things as mundane as chores. Some chores will be painful or hard, so be prepared to change up what you are responsible for around the house.

Have a Birth Plan

You may want to invest in additional services as well, like in a midwife, especially if it is your first child. Your midwife will be key in helping you create a comprehensive birth plan, as well as help you through the ups and downs of pregnancy right at home.

Birth plans, and backup birth plans, can help you prepare for your new arrival in a variety of circumstances. Know it is not always possible to go through with your first choice. Your midwife is not available to deliver your baby at home, for example, or there may be a complication that requires hospital care. By having backup plans, you can safeguard your
and your baby’s health during delivery.

After Pregnancy

If all has gone well, you should have a healthy, beautiful baby. Not everything, however, goes well. Statistics show that 1 in 400 new-borns develop cerebral palsy, for example. This, along with a whole host of other issues, can complicate raising your new baby. In these cases you must fight for all the support possible, especially if your baby was harmed due to medical negligence. Cerebral Palsy claims can help you cover all the costs throughout their
life, as can other birth injury claims, so you don’t have to stretch your budget thin and get them the best possible care.

Your child deserves the best chance at life, and yes, sometimes that will mean specialist care. Fight for what you need to give your child the best chance at life, either with a lawyer, through social care, or in your personal life. Your new baby deserves nothing less.

Pregnancy Tips for a Happy and Healthy Mother and Baby

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