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If like me your phone is always with you.  No matter where I am or what I am doing my phone is always with me.  Having a child who is ill I need to have my phone with me so I can be contacted if I am out.

The times I am away from home

The one problem I do have is the battery life, seems to go down a lot quicker these days. This is probably through overuse on my part. But this means I can risk my phone dying and then I am not able to be contacted.

I have had a Power Bank or personal phone charger before. One was like carrying a brick around in my handbag and another I had blew up. So I have always been wary about getting another in case it ruined my phone.

Personalised Power Bank


I was recently asked if I would like to review the services of USB Makers and their express service, who offer branded USB or Power Banks.  With this in mind I chose to try their Power Bank service.

The process was so easy, I sent through my StressedMum logo, with my choice of Power Bank.  This was received at their end and a proof was sent through to me for approval before the order was finalised.

The finished product

A couple of days later a package was delivered with my personalised StressedMum Power Banks.

StressedMum Powerbank

As you can see the personalisation is great and my logo has not been altered in any way.  The Power Banks are lightweight as well, which makes carrying them around much easier.


I tried the power bank around the house first, to make sure they worked and gave me the power to fully charge my phone when I am out.  I was very impressed and knew that this would be my peace of mind.

powerbank front and back

My kids have now stolen a few of these as well, as they were forever running out of battery life on their phones, and then trying to get hold of them would be a nightmare.  I also now make sure I have one fully charged in my handbag at all times, one in the car.

My view on the service and product

I can not recommend  USB Makers highly enough. From their quick and efficient communications, to the delivery and quality of products.  Whether you are a brand looking for branded products to even a small family where you fancy branding your family name and keeping everyone able to communicate.

Could you live without a Power Bank?


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