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Those of you with children, will also be getting used to the additional role of teacher as well.  While we are educating our children at home.  This is fine for most of the time, but what if our kids are older and need a bit more help than what we can help them with.

Help Is At Hand

online tutoring

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I have found a solution with OneClass online tutoring. They understand that sometimes studying is not enough, or there is not enough time to study.

OneClass have an extensive library of exam study guides, lecture notes and video tutorials.  All of which has been created by top students, which are there for when you need them.  It has also been shown that 90% of students who used OneClass got better grades.

How Does It Word


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You firstly choose your country, which is great as you can choose help for whichever country you are living in.  As I am in the UK this is what I have chosen.

This will bring up a list of schools, colleges and universities that are registered with them. You have the option of

  • Study Guides
  • School, College oe University
  • Course
  • Season

My Thoughts

As many of you will know my Daughter suffers a chronic illness, which means a lot of the time she is too ill for education and falls behind.  This is a great online resource that she can do when she is feeling able too.  It will also help those who feel like they are under pressure be able to log on and study in their own time with no pressure.  Plus with the online videos they can replay or pause to take notes.

I will be signing up for this for my Daughter when she is well enough as feel especially at the moment with everyone under lockdown our children need all the resources they can obtain.

OneClass Online Tutoring

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