October Round Up


Well we are into November already, and I feel I have not stopped. What a month October was and November is not letting me rest either.  So here I am with my October Round Up.

Let’s start with C

I will start with C, what a month she has had. She was back in hospital three weeks ago, for another lumbar puncture.  As the fluid had built up quickly, her Consultant put her on water tablets. To try to reduce the fluid retention around her brain.  We took the decision to take her off these after 5 days. And spoke to her Consultant the next day advising of this.

The side effects were horrendous. The pain she was in and she was either asleep or totally out of it while awake, it was awful.  Her Consultant understood and agreed with us, but there was no alternative medication she could take.  We now have the appointment for the Neurologist but that is not until January, so a long wait.  Unfortunately, she has not had much release from her last lumbar puncture, with the pain getting worse each day.

I eventually spoke to her Consultant on this Thursday, where she told us to come in and report to A&E and we would be taken straight to the ward for a lumbar puncture or be admitted, long story short we sat in A&E for 7 hours and sent home, after tests being doubled up, confirmed bulging behind her eyes confirming optic nerve being pressurised.  I am still fuming about this.  We are now back there on Monday for hopefully something to be done to help her.  I will update.

I have been busy

October was a very busy month work wise, I have been working very hard getting my Christmas posts ready to share with you all, the first one was my advent calendar post which is full of great ideas for all the family.  My second post up was the Children’s gift guide, full of great gift ideas for the younger members of the family.

I also took part in Blogtober again. Which is where Bloggers write a post everyday, on a certain topic each day.  I did start off very well but sadly had to stop as C was just too ill. With my time was spent being a Mum and dealing with hospitals, Dr’s and Consultants.

Look out for my gift guides for Her and for Him coming soon, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Finally, as some of you were aware of yesterday, and thank you for your messages and emails.  My blog was down due to it being hacked.  After my initial panic I found out that quite a few other Bloggers was also suffering the same problem, and the cause was found.  Unfortunately, it took my poor husband spent all day trying to sort it for me, and I am back up live and no posts have been lost.  But will ask you all the be patient as I am having to go through every single post and sort a few things out on each one, plus the actual blog itself, so if it is a little slow or you find things missing, I am working on it, but it may take a bit of time,

I hope you have all had a good October?

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