O.R.S Hydration Tablets

O.R.S Hydration Tablets

We all need to keep hydrated daily, at times this can prove difficult and we start to feel dehydrated.  We usually know when this happens for a variety of reasons.

One thing my kids will tell you I did constantly when they were growing up was to drink, they still go on about it now.  But it is important. O.R.S. Hydration tablets can help with your hydration

About O.R.S.

O.R.S. Hydration tablets are a product by UK based consumer healthcare company Clinova.  Who are focused on developing and manufacturing healthcare products. With one aim to make the world a healthier place.

Drinking allows your body to absorb water as soon as we drink it, with O.R.S. balanced mix of electrolytes combined with a small amount of glucose.  This quickly restores your electrolyte balance and allows water to flood into your bloodstream and stay there. Because fluids are absorbed straight away and flow around the body earlier on rather than travelling through the entire digestive system, you feel the health benefits of proper hydration up to 3 times faster.

I was sent three products from their range to try

  • Adults Hydration Tablets
  • Kids Hydration Tables
  • Sports Hydration Tablets

As a parent of a child with a chronic illness, I had just learnt the benefits of electrolytes and had been looking at purchasing these to see if they helped.

Adults Hydration Tablets

adult ors

Available in three flavours lemon, blackcurrant and strawberry.

Easy to use you just drop a tablet into water and dissolve into normal drinking water.

Kids Hydration Tablets

kids ors

Available in two flavours blackcurrant and strawberry.

Taste great and just pop into normal drinking water.

Sports Hydration Tablets

sports ors

Available in orange flavour.

The sports hydration is specially formulated to include Magnesium and Vitamin D to help reduce fatigue and support muscle recovery.

My Opinion

As I have already said, I have been looking at these drinks for my Daughter.  They are far healthier that sports drinks in my opinion and great for having at home, carrying in your bag or taking away on holiday.  I have been trying them out on C and have tried all the flavours with her, some are ok and some are nicer.  That is personal opinion, I thought they were all ok.

As we are heading for summer and the hot weather, hydration is important these are great to have handy in case you are feeling dehydrated, or to use daily to keep hydrated.

Have you tried these before?

O.R.S Hydration Tablets




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  1. Ive never used these before,but these some a great idea, and can be extremely useful, my son doesn’t drink as much as he should and its always a challenge, worse when he’s ill.

  2. What a great way to keep hydrated as I know my kids can find drinking plain water boring so this might encourage them to drink more.

  3. I drink a lot, but my fiance for example doesn’t and I do worry about his hydration so these sound like just the right thing x

  4. I need to have that. I don’t really do exercise but it is so hot and humid here in my country that I know my electrolytes get out of whack with all the sweating I have been doing. Thanks for your review. These hydration tablets are great to have on hand when we need it.

  5. I always take a packet of rehydration tablets or sachets with me whenever I travel. You never know when they might come in handy.

  6. With the warmer weather making an appearance, it is so easy to get dehydrated – these sound like something to ensure is in the cupboard to help.

  7. We have tried them, they have been incredibly handy during the hot sun when it can be hard to get the kids to drink enough.

  8. I have suspected POTS and was told to try a hydration product such as this. My only worry is do they leave any kind of bitty residue to the water? I’m super sensitive to textures and its one of the reasons I hate Dioralyte.

    1. I know about POTS and the benefits of hydration products, which is why I was keen for C to try it. I did not notice any residue bits

  9. I have not tried hydration tablets before but they sound helpful especially with the hot weather we have been experiencing.It is so important to keep hydrated, Nice flavours too.

    1. I always try to drink plenty and can feel if I havent which is why these can help you quickly regain hydration x

  10. These are great to take travelling. Love that there are children’s ones too, will be needed in summer when the weather is hotter and they are running round

  11. I absolutely don’t drink enough, so I’m going to have a look at these. I’m always making sure everyone else is OK and forgetting about myself!

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