Nordgreen Watch Review

Nordgreen Watch Review

One thing I love is jewellery and accessories, and choosing what to wear when I am going out.  Whether this is a watch, special jewellery or costume jewellery, I have a huge weakness.

When I was contacted by Nordgreen and asked if I would like t review one of their watches, I could not refuse.

About Nordgreen

Only watch lovers will be able to create watches of the highest quality and design.  Also offering honest and sustainable customer service and products that put the customer first. 

Pascar and Vasilij are two lifelong friends, who are also both watch enthusiasts, and the founders of Nordgreen.  Working directly with Jakob Wagner, who is one of Scandinavias most heavily awarded designers. Ensuring customers receive every detail of a functional, affordable timepiece collection.


After looking at their full range of mens and womens watches, I opted for the Native watch. Although I could have chosen quite a few, I opted for a mens watch.  Just lately I have found a love of making a statement of wearing a mans watch.

Choosing the watch you want to own is just the start of the experience of ordering your watch.  You also get to choose:-

The Dial Size

  • 32mm
  • 36mm
  • 40mm

The Dial Trim

  • Silver
  • Rose Gold
  • Gun Metal 
  • Gold

The Dial Colour

  • Black
  • Navy
  • White

The Strap

  • There are too many to list

The Native costs £148 to buy

My Opinion


I love that you can truly customise the watch to your personal taste, or need. Unlike other watches you can buy where you choose the watch due to the design and colour.  With Nordgreen you choose the style you want, and then customise to your chosen colour and strap.  Meaning that you are buying a unique watch to you, and the chances of someone you know owning the same specifications of the watch as you are minimal.

If you do need to ask a question they have the option of live chat, and the delivery is fast and efficient.  If you are looking for a gift for someone, or even yourself I would recommend trying here where you really can feel like you are buying something much more special than a watch.

Nordgreen Watch Review


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  1. The watch looks lovely and of high quality. Fantastic that you can select so many different features to get the perfect watch for you.

  2. These look stylish and would make an excellent gift, i think the prices are affordable and a good selection, great review

  3. Beautiful timepieces. I think I need a new dress watch and I will check out their website for other styles. I love the simplicity of the design and of course, the craftsmanship!

    1. They are lovely watches, I love you can choose so many aspects of the watch and not just go with what they say x

  4. Having the option to customise so many elements of the watch is really nice as it means you can make it match your style and tastes. I love how simple the watch is, very smart x

  5. It is always nice to have a lovely watch and this one looks really nice. also this would make a lovely gift too x

  6. This one looks so amazing. I really love having a nice watch as I spend so much time throughout the day checking what time it is!

  7. Oh this looks really pretty. I haven’t actually got a watch so would definitely keep my eyes out for this one

  8. I love more masculine style watches too. In fact, I often steal my husband’s watch. I love that this one is so customisable – it’s definitely a huge bonus of getting a Nordgreen piece.

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