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Natural Remedies for Gas, Bloating & Digestive Discomfort

Trapped gas in the body is uncomfortable and may make you feel bloated and awkward. If you have regular occurrences of bloating, digestive discomfort and trapped gas, there are some ways to prevent gas from building up. Once the gas is trapped inside of your body, there are also some strategies that can help give you some relief, such as a detoxify herbal cleanse products. Here are some natural ways to get relief and feel better.

Is Gas & Stomach Discomfort Normal? 

One of the questions that you may be wondering is if gas and stomach discomfort is normal or if it indicates a health problem. The good news is having gas build-up and occasional stomach discomfort is normal. Most of the time, the body naturally relieves itself of gas through burping or passing gas. Sometimes, though, gas may become trapped if you swallow a lot of air when eating, chew gum regularly, eat too fast, drink soda or digest certain types of foods.

How To Get Rid of Gas, Bloating & Stomach Discomfort 

The discomfort from trapped gas and stomach bloating can sometimes be severe. Luckily, there are lots of different ways you can help rid your body of gas and reduce bloating. Trying a gastrointestinal detox may also help give you some relief. 

Drink Plenty of Water

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First, make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day and stay hydrated. Avoid carbonated beverages such as soda because the bubbles from the carbonation may add to your body’s gas problems. When drinking water with a meal, be sure to drink slowly and avoid using a straw. 

Exercise Daily 

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Another way to keep uncomfortable gas from building up in your body and causing pain is to have a daily exercise routine. Moving the body with activities such as aerobic exercise, biking, running or walking can help the digestive system’s function. It also keeps painful gas from becoming trapped inside the intestines. 

Try a Cleanse  

Some detoxifying cleanses may also benefit the body and keep gas from building up in the digestive system. Some cleansing products use silicon dioxide for digestion to keep the gut system moving efficiently and prevent gas and bloating. An effective cleanse can eliminate toxins from the gut and keep the digestive system from feeling bloated. 

Avoid Certain Foods   

Next, you may have to adjust your diet and avoid certain foods that are known to produce lots of gas. Keep these foods to a minimum and experiment with different quantities to see how it impacts your body. Foods that may make you gassier are legumes, spicy foods, prunes, dairy, high fiber foods, artificial sweeteners and cruciferous vegetables.   

Have a Cup of Tea  

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Additionally, incorporate some soothing teas to help offer relief if gas becomes a regular issue. A cup of tea with ingredients such as peppermint, chamomile, ginger or anise may help your body feel more comfortable and break down the gas.

Stomach pain and bloating from gas is annoying and uncomfortable. Take some of these actions to help limit your body’s gas and keep the pain from impacting your daily routine.

Natural Remedies for Gas, Bloating & Digestive Discomfort

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