My Week – 16/04/16

My Week - 16/04/16

Another week has flown by and time for my weekly update.

Will start with C

I will start with my Daughter, as you will have seen from my update post on Thursday, we have finally got the diagnosis.  After chasing up my Consultants PA, and telling her school that a letter should be there anyday.  I had a meeting with school on Thursday morning to discuss a plan to get her back into school.  As my post had not arrived, I asked if they had received the letter. They had just received theirs and it had come in that day. So I first saw in black and white my Daughters diagnosis of CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Although we knew it was still hard seeing it in black and white.

The meeting went well, and they listened, to my concerns (mainly her getting around school) and saying we will take it day by day. So yesterday she returned, she has her best friend as her ‘Buddy’. Which means if my daughter needs anything she can help her. She just needs to show the card to teachers.

She went in at 1.30 which is half way through their lunch break. So she got to have a bit of social time with her friends and then onto a couple of lessons.  School saw for the first time in quite a while just how bad her walking is (and this was a good day). I do need to speak to school again on Monday. As having my child being told to hurry up. And someone else having a go at her and telling her to walk properly is not acceptable. Especially as all staff have been informed.

Heartbreaking news

Yesterday was a heartbreaking day for us all. At just over 10 years old we had to say goodbye to one of our dogs (well my parents dog but he was the families dog). He was old for his breed, and not been well for a while. We had tried medication but was getting worse. So yesterday morning my parents took him to the vets and I kept praying some miracle happened and they would be bringing him home. But they didn’t it was the fairest thing to do for him. You could see he wasn’t happy.

He growled at me for just talking to him the other day which was totally out of character for him.  Max is so unhappy, he doesn’t understand, he is really miserable. He usually sleeps downstairs but last night he followed my husband into our bedroom. And I suddenly was woken up by a cold wet nose in my face.

A bit of a change

Also yesterday, this week I decided to change my hair. For more years than I care to remember I have been colouring my hair. I can honestly say I can not remember the last time I saw my natural hair colour, so I spent yesterday morning with a hair colour remover on my head, it smelt disgusting, but it worked and stripped all the colour out of my hair.

I am actually just a bit darker than my Daughter with light brown hair, but I knew I had grey but did not know how much, so on goes another colour similar to my natural shade to hide the grey.  So I am no longer dark haired and am now light brown.  The photo on this post, was taken the other day when my husband was messing about with lights, so the last photo of me with dark hair, no make up and hair not brushed.

Another year older

Today is my birthday, and am at a scary age, next year is a big one for me gulp.  I have been very spoilt with my cards and presents, but as my parents are out today and this evening, we are staying in and celebrating with friends next weekend, unfortunately, my Daughter is really wiped out from yesterday and having a bad day and my husband is not well, he is meant to be cooking me a nice meal tonight, but have said not to worry if he is not up to it and we can have it another day.  So I am sat here all on my own I can not even go out as need to be here if my Daughter needs me.

A new week

Hopefully next week will be happier, now my Daughter is back in school we can start to get a routine going with her, and I have a lovely night out on Saturday with friends for a belated birthday night out.

How has your week been?


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Comments (12)

  • Alice 3 years ago Reply

    Firstly, Happy Birthday! and good for you giving a new hair colour/style a go. I hope school continue to support you all, and that your daughter enjoys being back with her friend x

    admin 3 years ago Reply

    Thank you, she is happy to be back at school it is a start, it is quite nice to be back to my normal colour again it is a lot lighter than I have been used to

  • Helen 3 years ago Reply

    Happy Birthday, hope your husband feels a bit better and can cook you dinner later on.
    It must be a relief to finally have the diagnosis for your daughter! Will she be able to have treatment for CFS (I have to admit although I’ve heard of it I don’t know very much about it, or the treatment for it) So pleased to hear she has started back at school again x

    admin 3 years ago Reply

    Thank you, he has been up for about 10 minutes, so not looking hopeful of having dinner cooked today :(. It is a relief treatment is a bit hit and miss, what works for some doesn’t for others. I posted a video that I shared from the ME association regarding what it is like living with CFS which explains it perfectly, it is on my facebook page. It was lovely to see her go back for a couple of hours yesterday, I am not holding my breath she will be able to do this everyday, but going to try x

  • Beth Owen 3 years ago Reply

    First of all Happy Birthday lovely!
    Such a shame it wasn’t a great week for you. So sad that teachers were saying those things to your daughter with her walking but I am so glad they have all been informed now.
    Hope you have better week next week!

    admin 3 years ago Reply

    Thank you, it wasn’t the best week, but one we knew was coming. Next week should be a lot better fingers crossed x

  • Mookie Moo 3 years ago Reply

    Happy Birthday!! 🙂

    But I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. It’s such a heartbreak to having to put your dog down. 🙁 I’ve had to do that myself and it just is one of the hardest thing you ever have to do. I’m also sorry to hear about your daughters diagnosis.. It’s not easy. I’m struggling with a lot of different stuff as well these days and I’m worried it might be ME/CFS too! 🙁 Sending you lots of good thoughts and wishes for a better week. 🙂


    admin 3 years ago Reply

    Thank you, it is very hard having a dog put to sleep, we had to do it with our old dog, before we got Max and it broke our hearts, but you do it out of kindness for the animal. Sorry that you may be struggling with ME/CFS there is a video on my facebook page which describes what it is like perfectly x

  • Happy birthday. I hope you managed to have a good time. Sorry about your dog. Hope next week is much better.

    admin 3 years ago Reply

    Thank you, had a lovely time, we knew it was coming time with him but doesn’t make it any easier. Next week will be a lot better (fingers crossed) x

  • Miss Kitty Kaos 3 years ago Reply

    So sorry to hear that you lost a family pet it is always so heartbreaking! Glad that you were able to get a diagnosis for your daughter though which means. You can get forward and get treatment now xx

    Miss Kitty Kaos – Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl

    admin 3 years ago Reply

    Thank you, we knew that it was coming, we had tried to treat him but it just wasn’t working :(. It is a relief to have the diagnosis now as we can start to move forward x

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