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5 Milk Alternatives That Work with Your Keto Diet

When you switch to a keto diet, there are a lot of food staples that you unfortunately have to give up. In particular, regular whole milk contains a surprising amount of sugar—around 13 grams per cup—which places it on the blacklist of food items for the keto practitioner. Here we talk about 5 Milk Alternatives That Work with Your Keto Diet

While other dairy foods are relatively safe for intake, the lactose found in dairy milk contributes to the amount of carbohydrates that you are allowed to intake per day. It’s recommended to only consume foods that have fewer than 10 grams of carbs per serving.

It’s for this reason that those who follow a keto diet have to stick to dairy milk alternatives if they want their fix. Fortunately, there are several healthy milk alternatives that you can choose over regular dairy milk. Below are just some of the examples that we’ve listed.


1. Soy Milk

A long standing alternative, soy milk is an all organic choice for those looking to wean themselves off dairy milk. One serving of organic soy milk contains only 2 grams per cup, making it an ideal choice for the keto dieter.

It’s important to choose a brand that is non-GMO and labeled as all organic. Some soy milk brands tend to mix extra fillers to change the texture to something very similar to dairy milk. However, these extenders can change the amount of carbs contained in one serving of soy milk.

2. Hemp Milk

Hemp is known as a variety of cannabis, and its seeds can be used to make milk just like any other type of nut or seed. If you’re worried about the psychoactive compounds found in hemp. There is no need to worry—industrial hemp seeds contain noticeably less THC compound and actually has a significant amount of nutritional value to them.

One cup of hemp milk contains around 5 grams of both carbohydrates and protein. As well as provides a good amount of iron and calcium. This makes it quite similar to dairy milk in terms of nutrition. Although it has a rather neutral and watery taste to it. However, keto practitioners who drink hemp milk can attest to it being an ideal beverage for those who want to lose weight due to its low calorie content.

3. Flax Milk

This low cost milk alternative is another favorite among keto dieters. Aside from being low in carbohydrates, flax milk contains a surprisingly high amount of omega-3 fatty acids. It’s also high in fiber and contains antioxidant compounds that are good for your health.

On the other hand, milk made from flax seed usually contains preservatives to increase its shelf life. This is common in many foods and beverages that are rich in omega-3. The use of preservatives, unfortunately, reduces some of its health benefits as a result.

4. Almond Milk

Perhaps one of the best milk alternatives on this list. Almond milk typically contains only 1 gram of carbs per cup. Aside from this, it also contains many of the essential vitamins and nutrients found in regular dairy milk like vitamin A, E, and calcium. Almond milk also has a very smooth and creamy texture to it, very similar to that of dairy milk.

Unsweetened almond milk has become a very popular keto milk alternative over the years because it’s considered a safe, low-calorie beverage that can help with your weight loss goals. The process of making almond milk is so simple that some people prefer making it themselves rather than buying them from stores.

5. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk as an alternative has its own set of pros and cons when considering its inclusion in your keto diet. On one hand, the saturated fats (medium-chain triglycerides) contained in coconut milk are ideal in generating ketone bodies, making it an ideal choice for your diet. On the other hand, it also has a relatively higher calorie count compared to the other keto milk alternatives. In addition, it contains very little carbohydrates and has a small amount of protein included.

Regardless of what type of milk alternative you choose, it’s important to see which one works best with your health. So if you consider adding plant-based milk to your diet, make sure that you balance it out in terms of your daily intake goals. In the end, what’s important is that you’re still able to enjoy a glass of milk while reaping all the benefits that your keto lifestyle has to offer.


Milk Alternatives That Work with Your Keto Diet

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