Do you look back your timehop and smile at the memories.  Some are photos, some are statuses that you remember well, or spend ages trying to think what it was about. Some are happy and some you want to forget.

I can now laugh

Well today’s is one that I can now sit back and laugh about. At the time it was only funny to my husband who luckily did not capture this moment on camera.

My dog is lovely, and loves his walks but he is a breed that you can not let off lead. This is because if they see something they will just go. So we walk him on  a very long lead which is tied around us. Which we can then shorten or lenghten depending on where we are.

A lovely day

It was a lovely Autumn day and my husband had the camera so I was walking Max, we took him to the woods, there we were walking along having a lovely walk, when he spots a squirrel (he loves chasing them and then spends ages trying to figure out how to get up the tree).  This is fine I spotted it and lent back and dug my heals in and he couldn’t go any further.  We carry on and he spots one and I don’t.  It turned out to be something out of a comedy sketch dog on long lead chasing a squirrel, with mad woman be pulled after him, I saw a tree looming and thought I would anchor the lead and he would stop.

And You Guessed Right

What actually happened was I was pulled full force into the tree and face planted it. I do love being reminded of these memories.

My ever so caring husband who luckily did not capture this moment was crying with laughter and did not come to my rescue.  The only good thing was that there was no one else around at this moment.

Have you seen my post on our day out in London?



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