Megahome Distiller Review

One thing I am always looking for is how to be healthier.  Whether it is with the food I eat or with drinks. Having a child with a chronic illness alone, makes this something that has become normal to me.  As I try to amend or improve her diet in the hope it may help in easing her symptoms. This is why I was very interested in trying the Megahome Distiller.

Megahome Distiller Review

I am a firm believer in drinking water, as it has so many benefits to your overall health. Especially with the Summer on its way and the warmer weather this also brings.

What is a Megahome Distiller?

It is a device that you can use at home to distill your tap water, removing all the impurities leaving your with pure clean drinking water.

Why do I need one?

Most tap water contains a mix of pollutants, including bottle and filtered water. So if you do not filter them out before you drink the water, your body ends up doing the filtering.

The only guaranteed way to get the purest water is steam distillation using a water distiller.  By using this you get purer water than that of tap water or even bottled water.

How does the Megahome Distiller work?

  • The water is gently boiled, to kill of viruses and bacteria, which leaves most of the pollutants behind.
  • The steam is then captured in a stainless steel coil where it cools to form pure water.
  • This water then passes through an activated charcoal filter to finally remove any traces of impurities.

See video below to see how easy it is to use

Are you still unsure?

If you are still not sure about a Megahome Distiller read on.

If like me you agree about tap water but surely bottled water is ok.  You may be as surprised as I was.

Bottled water still contains many pollutants plus it is expensive.  In fact bottled water is more expensive than petrol. Using the distiller the cost of water works out at about 9p a litre over a typical year.  Plus you will be saving the environment by not consuming so many plastic bottles.

My thoughts after using the Distiller

I originally thought this would probably be one of those gadgets I just have to have use it once and then let it gather dust. Now I realise I was totally wrong.

I have this model and it comes with everything you need to get started

  • Water Distiller
  • Power Cord
  • 4lt collector bottle/jug
  • 250g residue cleaner
  • 6 active carbon filers

It is very easy to set up, the only thing I was not able to do was attach the handle to the jug, but this was me and not through the design.  Once the distiller had done its thing I stored the water in a water dispenser in my fridge so we could enjoy cold pure water at anytime.

Since having the water distiller it has been used whenever we have needed to refill.  Yes they are expensive compared to using tap water and/or bottled water.  But the initial outlay is soon saved, plus you know you are drinking pure clean water.

Would I recommend buying one or are they are waste of money?

I would definitely recommend buying one or at least looking into getting one.  I have never liked drinking plain water, but I really can taste the difference.

Have you tried a distiller before or have thought about buying one?


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