As you will all know by now, I am a huge animal lover.  I have always grown up with dogs, to me they are not a pet, they are part of the family. Today I would like you to Meet Ringo

Meet Ringo

Meet My Boys

I currently have 2 dogs

Max is my Alaskan Malamute. Max is a rescue and came into our lives not long after we lost our Samoyed. He filled a huge gap in our lives.  He is a law to himself, he loves a good argument with us. But also loves a cuddle, thinks he is a lap dog, a great companion, cheeky and very funny.

Bear is our German Shepherd, or whirlwind as I love to call him.  We got him as a puppy after we lost our other dog, as Max was pining.  This dog is mad and so funny and loving and you can do anything with him.  He was brought for C and they are often found together.  He is also very protective and can hear someone thinking about walking past our house from 3 miles away.

I recently, shared a post with a giveaway for dog lovers, and as always I shared across my social media.  When one follow and retweet, really caught my eye.

Meet Ringo


Something about Ringo made me look at his Twitter page, and I read his story.  I contacted his owners Mike and Jane and asked if they would like to share his story.

Ringo’s Story

 We are Mike and Jane and we have been together for 27 years. Up until 3 years ago we both worked full-time and although we always wanted a dog we were unwilling to leave it home all day on its own.
Unfortunately at the End of 2015 I had a big nervous breakdown due to work stress and a medical scare..My Wife is a teaching assistant at a school that specialises in Autism and special needs students
During my recovery we were enlightened to the benefits that a dog can bring to people who are suffering mental health issues. So as my wife has always loved Great Danes we decided to put our names down at several Great Dane specific rescue centres
Then in December 2016 we adopted Ringo…we were his 3rd home in only the first year and a half of his life. Born in Brazil then taken to Portugal,then to England where he was given up for adoption. He only lasted 8 weeks with his second owners before being taken back to National Great Dane rescue
He was quite subdued inside the house and it took 9 months for him to show us his belly for a rubbing and show us his real personality.

The first 6 months

The first 6 months were very difficult. He was extremely reactive to other dogs and animals. Walking him was very challenging with a dog of his size. we hired the services of several trainers and on many occasion questioned our ability to make this his forever home
But after perseverance,tears,boundaries,routine and lots of love he has become the love of our lives…we are not 100% there with his reactivity but we have come on leaps and bounds to a point where we can have other dogs over to the house to play with Ringo
We were under no illusions when we rescued Ringo as to the cost of keeping a Great Dane…I had hoped to be well enough to return to work but alas this has not been the case so far
I am not being over dramatic in saying that Ringo has saved my life,he gives me a reason to keep going and helps to get me out of the house on days when things get too much for me

To lose him would affect us greatly but Ringo even more so

I was very nervous about setting up the gofundme page as we’ve never asked for anything before so after a few months I gave Ringo his own twitter profile to help people see the pride and joy he brings us
If you would like to donate to Ringo’s Go Fund Me page you can do so here
Every dog needs a good home, especially a rescue who is loved so much in his forever home.
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