I know I am slightly late this month as we are nearly a week in.  How can we be in June and half way through the year already.  So here is my May Round Up.

May Round Up

Starting Off With C

It has been a mixed month here with C, she has been quite emotional this month.  She is still pretty much bedbound, but has been desperately trying to get up and out of bed every day.  Some days she has managed and others she has been bedbound.  Her illness and medication has caused a lot of trouble with her teeth. We ended up at a private dentist on a Sunday afternoon due to an emergency problem.

Finally after months of asking I now have an appointment with community dental care. As she needs to be sedated to have works done on her teeth. Due to her jaw problems and not being able to hold her mouth open or it locking.  May was ME Awareness, and during the awareness week I wrote a post each day on all the different sides to having and living with ME, if you missed them you can find them all here.  Writing these posts was not only therapeutic for me. It also helped others understand not only the illness, but the issues of living with ME, the effect on family life, normal life and the fights and lack of support there is for sufferers.

Other Avenues to try

I mentioned last month about looking at Lymes and c0-infections.  This is still something we are looking into, and am waiting on getting the testing kit sent through to me at the moment.  I have spoken to my GP regarding the testing and if they would carry out the blood tests which he confirmed no.  So I asked if we get diagnosis of Lymes and co-infections and treatment required would they be able to provide the prescription to be told no.

I asked about counselling apart from CAHMS for children and if there was anywhere for this and was told no. For now we are taking it one step at a time and will deal with each part as it arrives.  I just can not understand how something that thousands test positive for have to go abroad to get diagnosis and treatment.  When we can not get the same in the UK.\

My Health Scare

I have been quite ill since January and am still waiting on my hospital appointment to see a consultant. As so far nothing has worked or helped.  I also was called for my mammogram, this was my first one in the system. Although I did have one in 2013 due to another problem.  So I went along and had my mammogram and went off thinking all was fine.  Just over a week later I received a letter (on a Saturday so could not do anything about it) calling me in for further investigation as something had been spotted.

I spent all weekend worrying, with my poor husband telling me it will be ok. So I rang the hospital and confirmed I could make the appointment.  Where I spoke to a lovely nurse who explained everything to me.  I went along to my appointment was asked questions and then shown to a room of more women waiting for the same thing, including my next door neighbour.

They gave me another mammogram of different angles, and then had to go back to wait.  I was called in for an ultra sound, where I was shown the mammograms and the area they were talking about.  The Dr decided she wanted biopsies taken also. I had these taken and also now have a metal marker in my boob permanently to keep an eye on the area. They then had an appointment booked for the following week.  The day before my appointment my heart was pounding when I had the hospital call me. I honestly thought they needed more biopsies or something else.  But no I was told everything was fine, nothing cancerous and I did not need to go in for the appointment.  The relief was amazing.

Other News

We have had a pretty quiet month with my health since January and then the latest scare.  I did have a lovely day out with my gorgeous granddaughter.  She is such a character and C and her have an amazing bond which melts my heart.  She is running and toddling around all over the place and I had forgotten just how tiring the toddler years are.

June is Fathers Day and if you are still trying to find the perfect Fathers Day Gift. My gift guide is full of great ideas, plus a chance to win a personalised gift.

I hope you all had a great May and enjoyed my May Round Up, and June is going to be even better.

May Round Up

may round up

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