Making the Most of Your Garden this Winter


Have you ever found that parenting is significantly easier in the summer? That the kids are better behaved when you can let them play out in the garden? That they sleep better when they’ve burned off lots of energy running about outside during the day? And that you all feel better when you’ve spent a little time outside? Fresh air and vitamin D can help to improve your health and boost your mood, and just being able to get outdoors and out of the house, without having to spend money on a big trip, can make everything seem a little easier.

Many of us spend a lot of money getting out gardens just right for our families, and they are worth it for this. But, then, over the colder months, our back doors get locked, and we spend more and more time cooped up indoors. Tempers flare, cabin fever sets in, moods and behaviour deteriorate. But, it doesn’t have to be like this. There’s nothing to stop you from making the most of your garden all year around. Here are some ways to do it.

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Try an Artificial Lawn

If everyone has a warm coat, gloves and a hat, and waterproof boots, there’s nothing to stop you getting outside even when it’s cold and wet. You just need to wrap up warm. But, one thing that many of us worry about is the mess or the damage that we could be doing to our lawn when it’s wet. Artificial lawn from LazyLawn can mean that you don’t have to worry. It won’t get muddy, a little wet weather won’t damage it, and it’s a surface that you can enjoy all year around.

Add Lighting

Another key reason that we use our gardens less in the winter is that it’s not light for long enough. It can start to get dark at about 4 pm, and even before then it can be dull and grey for most of the day. Adding lights is a great way to make sure you feel more comfortable in the garden all year around. Solar lights are a great option, but you might also want candles and some electric lights.

Add Heat

An outdoor heater can also make your garden more accessible all year. The kids will quite happily play outside when it’s cold, and as long as they are wrapped up, it’s fine to let them. But, you might be a bit more reluctant to sit outside with them if you are cold. Adding outdoor heating can give you a warm space to relax.

Keep it Tidy

In the colder months, your garden faces a tough time. Harsh weather, cold temperature and winds can leave your garden messy and muddy. It can also leave your garden furniture damaged. All of these factors can mean that your garden doesn’t look appealing and can even be dangerous. So, keep it tidy. Put any unused furniture and toys away and take the time to make repairs and keep things clean and tidy.

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