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Making Money from Home: How to Earn an Extra Income

Sometimes we dream of ditching the office life to learn how to make money at home. The idea of earning an extra income is attractive to many people, as it can be both flexible and reliable. Whether you’re a stay at home mum, or a single dad looking to earn some extra cash for a luxury holiday, there is an endless number of opportunities out there for you. Online employment often comes with fraudulent companies who scam job seekers into illegitimate offers, which is why you must research before jumping into earning an income. It’s suggested that you only seek an extra income for a certain time before leaving your full-time job. However, as with everything, there are risks you must take. Beware of any threats and stay alert when doing any deals.

Making Money from Home: How to Earn an Extra Income

Become a blogger


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Do you have an opinion you must express? Perhaps it’s a review of your most-hated mascara or a beautiful city you’ve visited. Bloggers and vloggers are some of the most well-paid freelancers in our society right now. Those who are good at what they do can earn a large amount of money from doing very little. It is many people’s dream job as you create content online for an audience to enjoy and love. According to experts, becoming a blogger can generate an income higher than most other careers, and it is often done by having fun. If you want to start your blogging journey, set up a free website and start blogging.

Try investing


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Anyone with savings collecting dust in a low-interest rate account may want to look into property investment and changing their career to become a landlord. Investment is one of the most lucrative industries that can generate a substantial income for those who are successful in the field. If you are considering property investment, RW Invest can help you take the first few steps. Before you know it, you’ll be renting out a newly developed buy to let property to a young professional couple. Plus, you’ll be generating an extra income every month. Rental yields are vital to look at here. Properties with high demand will give investors the ability to earn capital appreciation on their property while also getting rent from tenants every month.

Be a babysitter


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If you love kids, spend a few hours a week babysitting and earning an extra income. There are websites available that verify both babysitters and those seeking sitters with strict background checks. It isn’t a regular or stable extra income, but it’s easy money and a lot of fun. You can make new friends with the children you’re taking care of and create an unbreakable bond with the babies too. Babysitting rates vary based on experience and the number of children and hours you do every week, so consider this when looking into it as an extra income.

Attempt to be an online juror

online juror

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Companies will pay you to sit on mock juries and give feedback on cases virtually that they are currently handling. It’s essentially an online focus group, but the cases are real, and your verdict may mean your involvement takes a case to court. The fees range depending on the company (from £5 to £50 per case), and this isn’t a regular income you can rely on as sometimes you won’t be needed. Despite this, it’s a great way to make an extra few pennies.


freelance writer

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Everyone says you’re a talented writer or skilled graphic designer, isn’t it about time you got paid for doing it? There is a high demand for experienced freelancers online as it is often cheaper for companies to hire them over agencies and other bigger businesses. There are many freelancing websites you could try if you’re interested as they ensure payment, which is critical when you’re providing a high-quality service.

If you still like the idea of earning money from home, but not sure of the ideas mentioned above Jenny from Money Saver Money Maker has some great ideas in her post about easy ways to make money from home.

Making Money from Home: How to Earn an Extra Income

Making Money from Home: How to Earn an Extra Income


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