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Making 11+ Exam Preparation Less Stressful For Your Child

An 11+ exam is a challenging time for pupils. Gaining entry into a grammar school can be a dream of theirs, and yours as a parent too. 

However, younger children are increasingly feeling immense anxieties. Alarmingly, 8-11-year-olds are worried about exams, tight deadlines, and even money in some cases. To experience these kinds of stress at such an early age is a travesty. Much must be done to ease any worries. 

If you’re a parent, you should know that the 11+ exam may be a focused point of concern for many pupils out there today. You should do everything in your power to ease your child’s fears wherever possible. 

Read on for some points on how to make the 11+ exam less stressful for your child.

Focus On Quality 

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Many parents will bombard their children with numerous practice papers in preparation for the 11+ exam. However, this approach can harm your child’s chances of further success. 

As a parent, you should focus on quality over quantity. Remember, you’re not trying to or overwhelm your child. Instead, it would help if you paced their workload in a way that aligns with a healthy but committed work ethic. 

Once their schedule is less taxing, you may also find that the work they produce is of a much better standard. They will have more time for your input on practice papers and opportunities to build their understanding of their subjects gradually. You may find that, as time goes on, they will complete papers faster. Allow them to create that momentum in their own time. 

Browse 11+ Teaching Videos 

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The Internet is often thought to be a place of misinformation. However, there are many valuable learning resources online too. 

You can browse insightful 11+ teaching videos online that cover a myriad of topics. From the benefits of 11+ teaching courses to guidance on supporting your child, all of this information is free to access in a series of short and impactful clips. You’ll also have a better understanding of how far to push your child, as well as tips on motivating them for the challenges ahead. 

When it comes to any matters involving helping your children, you should always consult an expert opinion. Their insights are like no other, and often they will provide affordable services that can help you action their guidance as well. 

Being so actively engaged can also show your child that you care about them. After all, you’ll essentially be learning about the 11+ alongside them. Ultimately, your support can go a long way here. 

Be Calm

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Parents can be very impressionable upon younger children. They may pick up on your own stress or even mimic your behaviours, to an extent. 

Though you may want the very best for your child, you should try not to worry about education at any given point. Panic can impair your judgement. If you worry too much, you may even oversteer in terms of how you help your child. 

For example, you could give your child part of an equation in mathematics to facilitate their thinking. Moreover, you can put an idea in their head that they can build from in other subjects too. Ask questions instead of giving answers, and their learning will evolve. 

Making 11+ Exam Preparation Less Stressful For Your Child

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