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: Mac Or PC: Which Option Makes Sense For You


If you want to buy a computer (and you’re just a normal person), you have two options: Mac or PC.

PCs are just personal computers that run on Microsoft Windows. Macs are the same, except they are built by Apple which both commissions the hardware and develops the software.

Choosing between them is more complicated than you might think. For a long time, Apple was the most valuable company in the world, thanks to its impressive product portfolio and constant innovation. It was also a trendy company.

However, in recent years, Microsoft has come surging back and now it is the largest company in the world – a remarkable turnaround for the brand.

For consumers or people working from home like you, you want to know which is best for you. In this post, we find out.

The Benefits Of Getting A Mac

Mac computers offer a host of strengths that you won’t usually find on mainstream PCs. However, the gap between Macs and regular PCs is closing rapidly, so the advantages that it once had aren’t quite the same today.

For instance, many people choose Macs for their user-friendlinesses . To Mac users, they are incredibly friendly. However, if you’re used to using PCs, then you might find it a bit jarring at first.

Macs also integrate seamlessly with iPhones, as you might expect. PCs don’t tend to do as good of a job in this respect, with conflicts and incompatibilities being quite common.

Furthermore, Macs offer Apple’s impressive Retina display technology. This feature allows them to display blacks and shades more accurately than conventional PC monitors. You can buy expensive PC monitors with comparable levels of colour  accuracy but, again, they tend to be quite rare and expensive.

The Benefits Of Getting A PC

Macs don’t have it all their own way, though. There are multiple benefits of getting a PC. One benefit is the fact that they tend to cost much less than Macs. To get the same performance and components, you usually only need to pay half the regular Mac price or less.

PCs are also members of a wider ecosystem of products. Apple does a great job on the compatibility front, but they still can’t quite compete with the open PC platform. There are just so many more opportunities to innovate and network on Windows-based systems than there are on those that use iOS.

Windows is also more widely used than iOS operating systems, and so businesses tend to prefer them. You need to have a specific reason for using an Apple product.

Both Macs and PCs have negative aspects too. Battery draining is an issue on some Macbooks that have been causing problems for buyers. It can also be challenging for Mac users to find the software that they need.

At the same time, PCs aren’t as user-friendly as Macs. It can be hard for users to figure out what they need to do, and often, they need to troubleshoot problems.

Lastly, PCs tend to struggle to hold their resale value. By contrast, Macs depreciate less.

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