Looking AT Mobility As You Get Older

Looking AT Mobility As You Get Older

One thing in life that is guaranteed is, we all grow older.  It is something we have no control over, and with ageing this brings on new challenges in life.  For many of us we have watched our grandparents and now parents getting older.  We see things that we take for granted, are not so easy anymore.

One area that is noticeable is mobility.  When we are younger, this is something we just take naturally, not noticing how we slow down.  Or how things we did without thinking suddenly become harder. I have seen this in my parents, I suddenly realised how their mobility is changing.  Just little things but still noticeable,

elderly couple
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How can we help?

As we get older, so do our parents, one day we suddenly realise roles are reversing, as we start to take care of them. This can be a shock as you never really see it coming,  You are the one who needs the answers, and be there.  I know from experience that moment you suddenly realise your parents are elderly and do need support. The one thing I noticed first was mobility, they were slower in walking, sometimes losing their balance and falling., this was just the start.

There is help out there, search Age UK Mobility and they come up with suggestions to help those with mobility issues.  Plus also give you peace of mind.



One main area is the stairs, something we all take for granted every day, several times a day.  But for someone elderly this can be more like getting ready to climb the highest mountain.  With a Stairlift they can go up and down the stairs safely and also carry things up or down. Which before would have been a danger to them.

Walk In Baths and Showers

walk in bath or shower
walk in bath or shower

This is one that seems to have been a problem in with my parents.  Suddenly they find it difficult getting in and out of the bath, or slipping in the shower. Updating the bathroom will maintain their Independence plus giving everyone peace of mind.

It is a difficult subject to talk about, looking at these two options really can make a difference and the one thing I have learnt when dealing with elderly relatives is.  They refuse to admit they need the help this way they keep their Independence and stay safe.

Have you had to look at these options? Or do you have any other ideas that would benefit others?

Looking AT Mobility As You Get Older



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  1. Some really great ideas for helping older relatives who may have mobility issues. I’ve noticed slightly more aches and pains during lockdown, but am putting that down to not moving as much as normal… that and the fact I’m growing older 🙁 Sim x

    1. As my husband keeps telling me I am a Granny now lol, I am noticing a few more aches and pains as well x

  2. I was actually thinking about this the other day, when I felt so tired to go back downstairs after I settled in bed, just because I forgot my water bottle. Indeed, our bodies do start to get rusty after a certain age, little by little. I am in my 30s and I already feel my knees.

  3. I’ve looked into them before for my elderly family members. My grandad currently has a stair lift but they may end up needing other things soon.

  4. These are some great ideas for things that can help as your mobility declines. I definitely need to try and think about a walk in shower (I’ve been saying that for ages as my housing are dragging their feet).

  5. Some people forget as we get older ourselves or others around us need these additional aid…there are some great ideas here x

    1. You do forget or try to forget and not want to admit you need these aides, but they do help and do mean you can continue a normal life x

  6. Its not something i thought o much about at the moment but walk in showers/bathrooms are an excellent idea, they became popular anyway over the last 20 years again and can look great, but they have the added benefits off helping people in there daily life.

    1. It is something we rarely think about, until we are faced with needing too, walk in showers are becomming more and more popular

  7. This is certainly a worry we’ll all face at some point – I already panic about slipping in the bath!

    1. We are looking to renovate our bathroom next year and take the bath away completely, as I have slipped in the bath and it hurts x

  8. Mum broke her hip last year so we have had to adapt my parents’ home. It’s surprising just how much variety there is in terms of mobility aids. As for me, I do notice the odd niggle now and again. Time to take the Omega 3 I think!

  9. My mum and step dad are looking at buying a bungalow as starting to struggle with the stairs, will have to look into a stair lift for them to see if that would help them stay in their house

  10. Great suggestions! I do think mobility can be a big factor for people as they get older and I think people may worry about keeping mobile so that they can keep their independence rather than moving into a care home etc. It’s great that there are lots of products out there that can help now though isn’t it.

    1. This is it, it is the independance they want and making adjustments to the home can make a huge difference x

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