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Look for these things in every care home

A lot of people go to care homes to visit elderly loved ones. But not many people realize how much work goes into actually running these essential facilities. It can be a very complex and financially straining business to work with that needs to work incredibly efficiently regardless of the number of beds that are filled.

This is a difficult thing to achieve; however, covering these bases makes carers’ and residents’ lives so much easier and hassle-free.

#1 Good hygiene

Maintaining good hygiene in a care home is absolutely essential. It stops the spread of disease and helps maintain a professional and high-quality standard of care for residents. It also increases their well-being and quality of life.

Staff can achieve this through constant and meticulous cleaning, following strict hygiene routines. This involves, at a minimum, wearing face masks and disposable gloves, freshly cleaned uniforms, and aprons. It is also required for those with long hair to have it pinned back and generally tucked into a hair net to stop shredded strands from falling everywhere.

These strict self-maintenance rules might sound quite intense, but it is the daily life of many carers, nurses, and doctors. When visiting a care home, it is generally wise to partake in similar hygiene standards to help make carers’ lives much easier.

#2 Professional equipment

Having professional standard (as opposed to domestic) equipment of a high standard is another key factor in a care home. It provides efficiency, ease of working, and a more comfortable and less stressful experience for the residents in their care.

It is critically important that care home managers make investments for long-lasting and high-quality equipment from specialists such as to ensure the best services are supplied to the residents.

Hiring or buying trustworthy equipment can help staff work more smoothly and safely, as they help with handling, bathroom and toiletry needs. It helps maintain hygiene standards and, as they are heavily purpose-built, should be easy and efficient to use by well trained and highly experienced staff.

#3 High quality and efficient catering

The catering standard in a care home is another one of the factors that define the morale of the residents. Good quality meals and highly experienced chefs, either from a catering company or ones that work on a more freelance basis, positively contribute to the physical and mental well-being of clients.

Keeping a good range of dishes on the menu can help residents enjoy their food experiences while still leaning toward their preferences. It also helps those with allergies and health issues, such as diabetes, to maintain a healthy balanced diet, which they might not have had access to in their own home or warden assisted housing.

Having chefs that have worked in care homes before can also be very handy, as they are aware of the key role they play in residents’ morale. This can help them work cooperatively with the carers and other staff members around the care home.

Look for these things in every care home

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