Living Life In A Lockdown

Living Life In A Lockdown

For 5 years now C has been ill with a chronic illness, and diagnosed with ME, Fibromyalgia and IIH.  This has meant she has lost out on so much, such as her teenage years, her education, life in general.

As many of you will also know from previous posts, she has been having severe abdominal pains.  This resulted in her being admitted to hospital in February.  She was discharged and having follow-up investigations.  We still have no idea what is wrong with her, and everything has stopped due to COVID19.

Life has changed

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With the lockdown, everyone has had to change how they live their lives.  Families are finding that they are having to work from home. Educate their children while trying to work, and carry on with the daily housework of cleaning, cooking etc.

My Facebook is full of parents moaning about being stuck at home, having plans cancelled as they can not go out.  Having to be teachers to their kids.  Being stuck at home day after day.

Then there is the other posts from parents of children with chronic illness.  These are the posts saying life has not changed, it is just normal living for us.

What hurts

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The posts that I myself find hard and those of other parents is so called friends who did not care this was how we were living for the past few years.  The friends who never listened about how worried you were without full education in place and trying to do it yourself while working with their childs illness. These same friends are moaning and complaining about having the kids home and trying to juggle everything.  Moaning about having to educate their kids.

What I am trying to say is

Now you have had a taste of life with a chronic illness.  It has only been a few weeks and will eventually stop and life will go back to normal.  This is daily reality for us for life.  If you know someone who has an illness or has family with an illness. Once this is over please remember what you are going through now and are happy it is over, is still going on.  Just give them a quick message, send a virtual hug let them know you care.

Living Life In A Lockdown




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  1. I am so sorry that things are still in limbo for you guys in terms of finding out whats wrong, it must be so so hard for you all. I can’t imagine how hard life must be for you guys because I hold my hands up and admit I am struggling and like you said we know it will end at some point but for you guys there is no end in sight.

    1. It is normal life, we learnt that a long time ago, it is more trying to get others to understand this is normal life with a chronic illness

  2. I hope those so called friends now have an idea of what you’ve been through the past few years. It has been so tough for you, maybe now they will understand.

  3. You have said it perfectly! I cannot imagine what you are going through. We take so much for granted and find it easy to moan but rarely look at the bigger picture which is sad

  4. It must be so hard for many who deal with this, add in lockdown with this has certainly pushed things further, i hope several lessons have been learned for people once this is over.

  5. It must be so frustrating having friends that don’t understand your issues, but then I think that unless you have lived, or our living it, you never really understand the problems and frustrations

  6. I do think that most of us take for granted how we could usually go out anytime we want but for those with chronic illness that isn’t an option. And this whole situation is even tougher for you guys as you have to be even more careful bringing in germs x

    1. This situation is tough for everyone, those with a chronic illness it is the same as normal really but yes I am going overboard with the cleaning so C doesnt catch anything

  7. Hopefully people will have reflected and looked at the bigger picture so sorry to hear what you’ve been going through.

  8. Lockdown is hard for many and lets hope others start to be more kind and learn the true value of being genuinely nice to tohers Take care xx

  9. Ohovely . I am so sorry that you are still up in the air with things . Stay positive as much as you can xx

  10. I think that lockdown has given many people a reality check, especially when it comes to relationships with friends and families.

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