Life In A Lockdown – Week 12

Life In A Lockdown - Week 12

As you will know by now Tuesday means it is time for Life in a lockdown linky.  Can you believe we are now into week 12, how scary is that.  Although it has seemed like groundhog day every day, it really does not feel like 12 weeks.

So lets see how this past week has been for us in the StressedMum household.


1) How are you feeling/coping?

I am still stressing about C and her constant gastro pain, but thankful we have a zoom appointment in a few weeks to discuss the link of this with her ME and Fibromyalgia.  Especially after a conversation with our GP today who had no understanding of her illness, which is normal anyway.

Our middle son is stressing us as he has lost his job and has a family with 2 young children, but not helping himself and is wiping us out of money as we bail them out for rent, bills and food.  But what can we do we can not let the kids suffer.

In myself I am coping ok, I think it is because it is just normal now, my sleep is all over the place but think that is more to do with it being hotter and the menopause.  As they do not mix at all.

2) What are you doing to keep yourself occupied?

Apart from blog work, and also doing things behind the scenes.  My kids are keeping me busy, I swear the older they get the harder they become to deal with.  Keep your kids young, honestly you may not believe me, but it is the easiest years.

3) How are you dealing with everything at the moment – are you self-isolated, going out for essentials etc? Has this changed?

We are still isolating, and I am getting my shopping delivered online still.  I do think about maybe going to the supermarket and doing my own.  Just to escape for a while, but honestly I hear stories of how people do not keep to social distancing and change my mind.

I have been out for a few drives and walks with my husband, grabbing a coffee from Starbucks drive through and then going for a walk.  That has been great for our moods.

4) What advice do you have for others?

With everything going on and changing.  Stay in if you do not have to go out, keep on social distancing if you do go out and keep safe.

5) What have you bought this week that others might like? Especially if from a small business.

Face masks for us all, although they have not arrived yet, as want to be in control of keeping my family safe as much as I can.

6) How has your routine been this week? (Question by Don’t Cramp My Style)

It has been the same, nothing really structured but just going with the flow of everything.

7) Have you planned anything for once lockdown is over in the past 7 days?? (Question by Don’t Cramp My Style)

Nothing new apart from visiting family and friends, I am so over due my Nanny cuddles when C is well enough to visit for her auntie cuddles.

How has your week been?

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  1. I am with you on the staying in when you can. The more that restrictions lift, the more I want to stay in.

    I hope the Zoom call with the Doctor is successful and brings some news x

    1. I agree, I am scared that going back to normal will result in a huge rise in cases, just look at other countries x

  2. It’s amazing lockdown has gone really fast, I am back to work in July. We are all really cautious and it’s a worry every time we go out.It will take some time for us all to feel totally comfortable.

    1. It will take time to feel confident in going out, I need to take C out this week, put it off so far and not looking forward to it, I am too protective of her

  3. Oh gosh what a nightmare for you both with C and middle son! Hopefully, he will be able to pull himself out of what he is doing at the moment soon for you.

    1. C is a breeze really its just everything else that we need for her, my son we do feel for him and he is trying so hard but he also needs to sort out getting help as well x

  4. so true about the older kids get the harder they are. My eldest is 15, I am dreading when they are in their 20’s

    1. C is 16 and with all her medical problems is the easiest the older 2 are 25 and 22 and cause so much stress

  5. I hear you on the no structure, we have also been going with the flow during lockdown a lot more x

    1. Tbh home life is pretty much normal as since C has become ill it has been like this, but it is the other things that lockdon has given.

  6. Hope you get some answers regarding your daughter. Sorry to hear your son has been made redundant. My daughter is on MAT leave and has been complaining about less money but we are in no position to help at the moment as my husband has lost his job

    1. It is a horrible time for everyone, I really hope with things starting to move forward and businesses opening more jobs will be saved and more become available

  7. Sounds like a bit of a nightmare busy week for you this week! Hope the Zoom appointment goes well.

  8. This pandemic has made my anxiety worse.My family and I do our best to comply with the rules that the government has mandated u. However, it frustrates me to hear that the number of positive cases is still rising. It makes me question the capability of the government to provide concrete plans to contain the spread of the virus.

  9. Looks like you have had a mix week with lots of challenges, I do hope you son is able to find a job soon. As the financial burden is something you won’t be able to assist with for long.

    1. It has been a challenging week, I hope he does as well it is so unfair as he is a good hard worker and is trying everywhere to get a job x

  10. Buying facemasks is so useful! I went to a bus today, and I wouldn’t have been allowed in unless i wore a mask

    1. We went for a drive on Saturday, and had to stop at a railway crossing, I watch 2 trains and hardly any passengers had masks on I was shocked x

  11. Things are just starting to reopen on smaller levels than “normal” here. I won’t be doing much different, I will continue to avoid gatherings and go to the grocery store once a week for anything we or my parents need.

  12. Life during lockdown period wasn’t so easy. After this difficult situation, we have to adjust to the new reality and our new daily routine schedule. Personally, I am an optimistic person and I believe everything will be better in the future.

    1. My husband is very like you, I do try but having a child who I need to be aware of safety for it is a little harder to feel like that and relax about it all x

  13. My family and I are used to staying in since we don’t go out that much and we try to stay in as much as possible and only go out when it is absolutely necessary.

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