Life In A Lockdown Linky – Week 40

Happy New Year everyone, so here we are in 2021 and still in lockdown.  As it is Tuesday it is time for my weekly life in a lockdown linky post.

I missed last weeks post, as I decided to take a break and switched off my laptop.  I hope the past two weeks have been kind to you.  Here is how my last two weeks have been.

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1) How are you feeling/coping?

I am very up and down, when things changed we went into Tier 4 straight away, now more areas have been added to the Tier.  It is scaring me how the number of cases are rising, even though I am very careful and had not been out of the house anywhere from the Wednesday before Christmas. Last Tuesday I came down with corona virus symptoms.  Where a positive test came back.

This has made me even more nervous, as I obviously have C, who I have not been able to go near.  I also have my Dad who is vulnerable and shielding.

I am more positive about

The Wednesday before Christmas, which was the last place I went to, C had her partial toenail removals done.  It was not has bad as I thought it would be.  She had one side done on one of her toes and then both sides on another toe.  I was not impressed when she said it would need redressing and bathing every two days.  Which meant the first one fell on Christmas day.  I have had to pass this over to my Mum to do now as not going near C.

Also, just before Christmas I was receiving tons of emails regarding C and her EHCP.  There is now a meeting this morning (via zoom).  I am hoping that this means we can move forward with her education.

2) What have you been up to over the past 7 days?

Isolating, I have not stepped foot outside, so have just been home binge watching tv

3) What do you think the coming weeks and months might hold for you (or the world)?

At the moment I have no idea, but trying to stay positive and that the vaccine will help

4) If you could remind yourself something about this time in years to come what would it be?

How no one saw this coming, and now this far on, we all know someone who has had the virus.  Never take things for granted and cherish freedom and friends and family

5) What have you bought this week that others might like? Especially if from a small business.

I did cheer myself up with a bit of online retail therapy and got a couple of bargains

6) What is a unique (or not) technique you have used to get you through this time?

Technology, I cherish my face time with my grandchildren, and getting pictures sent through.  Also getting my shopping delivered online helps with staying home

7) What is something your readers might not know about you?

There is probably a lot, but my brain is not working properly today

8) What have you been grateful for over the past 7 days?

Again techology and Netflix


Thank you to

Life In A Breakdown

I Always Believed In Futures

Who have been busy hosting this Linky.

How has your week been?

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  1. Sending love and hugs. I think we are all a bit up and down at the moment. So sorry about your positive test and what a worry. I hope you are feeling OK. x

  2. I really feel for you. I hope you feel ok in yourself with Covid. It hard keeping positive but keep on it, count down the days that you are out of isolation. I just hope they get the vaccine out as fast as possible as I have a mum in her late sixties and MIL in her 80s

    1. I am feeling ok thank you. I hope they do as well my Parents and MIL are all in their 70’s with my Dad being vulnerable due to health.

  3. I have also been grateful for Netflix this week – we watched the whole of Russian Doll and the whole of Too Hot To Handle, haha!

  4. Oh bless you, I hope that you aren’t feeling too poorly. I’m so fed up of it all now, I can’t believe we’ve managed to escape it for so long, it feels like it’s just a matter of time before it catches up with us.

    1. I am feeling ok thank you, no idea how I caught it. I know a lot more people getting it now including our friends 2 year old grandson

  5. We can make isolating fun by binge-watching our favourite shows, I am not excited about the current lockdown but it needed to happen.

  6. Agree, no one saw the lockdowns happening, spoke to my mum and she said that the past generations have lived through WW1 then WW2 and this is some sort of an invisible war as well. I guess we just have to be patient

  7. I have also been up and down, I kind of knew it was coming but also felt a bit slammed by it. I am grateful for tech at least that means my kids can learn at home and we can communicate and do online shopping. I have been doing that too! 🙂

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