Life In A Lockdown Linky – Week 20

life in a lockdown

As you know Tuesday is the day for the Life In A Lockdown Linky.  Here we are at week 20 it is the one linky I have loved taking part in.  As we have all gone through the Lockdown and all the uncertainties that came with it, we can look back at how it has changed week by week.

1) How are you feeling/coping?

I have not been too well, last Wednesday afternoon I suddenly went very dizzy.  As it continued I thought it could be something I had year ago.  Fed up of walking around like I was drunk I rang and got a Dr appointment on Friday.  I had a telephone appointment and then she wanted to see me.  Luckily I have a virus in my ear and was put on an antiviral ear drops.  I am not too bad now unless I bend down.

I also asked about my pain around my ovaries that is constant and getting worse, she originally said they can only speak about one condition.  Then told me to ring the hospital as I was under them originally.  I rang and got a very apologetic person who said I should have had an appointment through but had been missed off.  So I now have to continue in pain until October.

I feel a bit more in control of C’s education as the EHCP appeal has now been sent.  Am keeping everything crossed that they agree to our side and issue one.

2) What are you doing to keep yourself occupied?

I have not been doing too much, but have started working on my Christmas gift guides.  I know it is far too early to think about Christmas but it will be here sooner than we think

4) What advice do you have for others?

Just keep aware of social distancing and don’t forget your face masks.  I now have them in my handbag and in the car so we are never without them

5) What have you bought this week that others might like? Especially if from a small business

I have been really good this week and not bought anything

6) How has your routine been this week? (Question by Don’t Cramp My Style)

Rubbish with the heat and then feeling ill there has been no routine at all

7) Have you planned anything for once lockdown is over in the past 7 days?? (Question by Don’t Cramp My Style)

Just meeting up with friends and family

How has your week been?

Thank you to

Life In A Breakdown

I Always Believed In Futures

Who have been busy hosting this Linky.


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  1. It is certainly important for people to keep wearing their masks. Sounds like you’ve had a busy week. I hope you are feeling better x

  2. Oh no! I am so sorry you have been feeling so poorly. I am glad you got something to help it and hopefully you will feel better soon!

  3. Its been too hot recently, I don’t mind it being warm but if it’s too much we all shut down in our house, hope the weeks get better soon.

  4. I’m sorry to hear you’re not doing good and have to wait until October for an appointment now, hopefully they’ll work out what it is and you can get some treatment/ medication x

    1. I don’t know how I will cope until October and that is just a telephone appointment so no treatment or anything. At least it is only a couple of months to wait x

  5. I always start my Christmas shopping after ur last birthday, which is tomorrow, so not to early for a gift guide. Glad to hear the appeal has been sent and hope you get the result you need. Hope you get your hospital app asap

    1. It is hard to think about Christmas still, I am hoping the appeal comes back for what she needs, wants and deserves.

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