Let’s Make Some Noise

Let's Make Some Noise

LWe all love snacks, I know I am terrible when I am working or watching TV.  I feel the need to have a snack, which quite often is not the most healthiest of snacks.

When I was recently contacted to see if I would like to try some new snacks coming to the market that are tasty and healthy, I just had to say yes.  So let’s make some noise for these new snacks.

About Noisy Snacks

Noisy Snacks is the brain child of Noisy Noel.  Noel decided to move on from what he was used to.  Noel went on to get two interviews one for a peanut company and another for a craft beer company. He ordered their products to try before his interview.

Working together with a friend, they realised that eating nuts with beer did not work well. So they began to find a solution by pairing nuts with various seasonings, putting in a tub and giving them a shake. Noisy Snacks was born.

Lets Look At Noisy Nuts Products

Noisy Corn Hot Chicken Wings

Hot Chicken Wings flavoured roasted cruncy corn snacks

Noisy Bean Beef Brisket

Beef Brisket flavoured roasted broad beans

Noisy Corn Jamaican Jerky

Jamaican Jerky flavoured roasted corn kernels.

Noisy Bean Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork flavoured roasted beans.

Noisy Nuts Smoky Bacon Jalapeno

Smoky Bacon air roasted peanuts

Noisy Chickpeas Avocado & Lime

Avocado & Lime coaste chickpeas

All these snacks come in a 45g bag, which you shake and open.  The snacks are vegan friendly and all packaging is eco friendly which I love.

What I Thought of Noisy Snacks

We do love our snacks, so we were very keen to try these new snacks.  Neither myself or my husband are fans of broad beans but wanted to give them a try.  They were not as bad as I thought they were going to be (yes I already had the thought of broad beans stuck in my head).  They were pleasant but not something I would purchase again.  Saying that my parents loved them and would buy them.

We loved the other products and also I was unsure about the corn they turned out to be my favourite.  I will be looking at purchasing them again. As the packet tells you shake the packet first before opening and this intensifies the flavour.

Have you made some noise lately?



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  1. These sound intriguing. We eat something similar (name escapes me) with sweetcorn, and I always eat them way too fast!

  2. oooh the variety of flavours are great. These would be great to have when friends come over if you’re looking for something a bit different

    1. They do have some great flavours and they do taste great as well, and agree something different to serve up when you have guests x

  3. These snacks sound right up my street (I love broad beans!). The Noisy Corn Hot Chicken Wings sound tasty too.

    1. I am not a broad bean lover but they were ok, my parents loved them though the corn snacks are amazing though

  4. Totally loving the idea of these noisy snacks as I love snacking when I am watching a show or with drinks over the weekend and would love to munch on this

  5. These sound amazing and I love the range of flavours too – I will have to give these a try I reckon my husband will love them.

  6. We love eating snacks too, especially with a drink and these sound great! We love the sound of the flavour combinations!

  7. At times like this it is always good to hear about new snacking options. How fab do these look x

  8. Wow these snacks look fabulous , I have never come across them but I like all the variety . The packaging looks inviting too .

  9. Oh I’ve not come across these before, but love the variety of flavours available – one to add to the shopping list

    1. They are a new range but think they will be popular and the flavours are great as well as the different snack options

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