Keeping Your Kids Entertained Over the Summer Holiday


Welcome to British Summer, the sun is shining, attractions are buzzing with activity and the kids are already complaining they are bored. But relax, you don’t have to provide the world to give your little ones a good summer. Encourage them to get outside, whether to the garden or to your local park. Get them helping with some (age-appropriate) DIY or set up an area for some arts and crafts – have you noticed how pretty some wine bottles can be? Roll them in some glitter, apply some ribbons and you’ve got a perfect garden table centrepiece for candles.

We know it can be tough for parents and grandparents during the summer, we don’t get 6 weeks of holiday and the house isn’t going to take care of itself. We walk you through some our ideas for keeping the kids entertained inside and outside this summer.


Is it nice outside? Fantastic! Let’s get outdoors. There is nothing better for your children than fresh air and frolics through the grass. Make sure you grab the suntan lotion and the bottles of water, it’s important to stay protected and hydrated.

The sorts of activities you can do outside include;

  • Going to the Beach – Collect shells, go crabbing, paddle in the sea
  • Go for a Picnic – Bring the frisbee or a kite, your favourite nibbles and set up in the sun
  • Backyard bonfires – Check with your local council for the rules
  • Scavenger Hunts – Geocaching is a popular (free) GPS treasure hunt experience
  • Go for a walk – To make it more interesting, get your kids to photograph their favourite spots on the way
  • Go to the Zoo or a local Wildlife Park – Great for entertainment and education
  • Get into gardening – The “Grow Your Own” movement is growing, get involved by encouraging your kids to grow herbs and vegetables in the garden
  • Get creative outdoors – Lay out a huge piece of paper or canvas and go crazy with the paint
  • Go stargazing – August in Britain is a fantastic time to see the Perseid Meteor Shower, learn about the constellations and see some shooting stars


Unfortunately, British summers are also renowned for their thundery days, when the heavy rain pours down. It’s unlikely you or the kids will want to get outdoors on these days. There’s still plenty you can do inside though.

  • Make Ice Cream – It might be raining outside but it’s likely not cold. Making Ice Cream is great fun as it also doubles as a little science lesson (when using ice and salt)
  • Write your own books – Get the creative juices flowing, encourage your kids to craft their own picture-book or even a pop-up book.
  • Get Cooking – Make your own pizzas, bake cakes and cookies or experiment with some new food. Trying new fruits and vegetables can even be turned into a game, where the kids rate their favourites!
  • Get Crafty – Everyone loves a bit of glitter, get your kids making their own cards, table pieces,
  • wind chimes – there’s a whole host of projects out there
  • Origami – Paper folding is an age-old pastime and once you get going, it can even be a little addictive
  • Age-Appropriate DIY – While there are going to be tasks outside their range, what child doesn’t want to help Mummy build (that bespoke wine rack won’t put itself up) or Daddy paint (how long has that wall just been plaster?)

Don’t get stuck for ideas this summer and make sure to take some time for yourself. While it’s not always easy, getting a babysitter or employing the help of some family for the evening is important for your well-being. Wishing you and your family a wonderful summertime.

Sarah at Whimsical Mumblings, has a great post full of summer activities for your little ones to keep them busy.

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