Introducing GAMMA – The All Season Jacket

Introducing GAMMA - The All Season Jacket

One thing that is a must have for us all is a decent jacket, especially at the moment with the weather as it is.  If like me you have thick winter jackets varying through to lightweight jackets for warmer weather.  You can sometimes find that you made the wrong choice when going out.

If you are like me and at times make the wrong choice, you will love to know more about Gamma, the ultimate all climate jacket.  The jacket is lightweight, insulated and is set to become the only jacket you will need that is functional and does not compromise on the fashion front.

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About Gamma

Gamma is the ultimate all climate jacket that is lightweight, durable and insulated and comes with 10 smart pockets. The jacket does not compromise on function or fashion.

The Gamma jacket is built on graphene’s amazing properties and will become your everyday jacket, whether you are travelling, going to work, walking the dog or going out. If you are more adventurous it has stood up to hiking the Ko’olau ranges in Hawaii and skiing in the Swiss Alps.

My Opinion

I am a busy Mum who has to venture out daily to walk the dogs, pop to the shops or for a number of other reasons.  If my daughter is with me, I need to push a wheelchair, or if I am on Nanny duties I am pushing a buggy.  Sometimes having a bag with me causes more grief. I am forever giving my daughter my bag to hold.  Having 10 pockets this jacket means I will not have to worry about a bag as it will have enough space for me to put everything I need. Plus keep me protected from the wind and rain.

As you can see above the jacket really does cover and protect from all the elements that the weather is throwing at us.  Meaning we can enjoy whatever we are doing.

The Gamma jacket by Wear Graphene is a Kickstarter campaign, that has raised £1,756,021 in backing. If you are interested in finding our more about the jacket or where you can buy one, head over to the Gamma Jacket website here.

What do you think of the jacket, for me this is something I do want to own.



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  1. Oh wow. I love an all season jacket. This one looks so nice, comfy and fashionable too. Love that it is hypoallergenic too!

    1. I love a good all season jacket as well, this one sounds so much better than any others I have had and has 10 pockets which really is helpful

  2. I love the sound of a lightweight, durable and insulated. This would be perfect for my husband as he needs a new one.

    1. It does tick all the right boxes I love the 10 pockets as a times carrying a handbag is just a nightmare

  3. I need a jacket like this in my life! I am struggling, especially with this crazy weather on what jacket to wear for all weathers. This looks perfect.

  4. I think this is such a great investment, a jacket for all season, I definitely need one like this as I never have the right ones.

  5. I do like the sound of a lightweight jacket. I have only got my big winter coat and a light demin jacket. I need something in-between

  6. I’m going to be honest I don’t have many outer layers that are properly warm and very few that have a hood so this looks ideal for the colder/ wetter weather we’re currently having x

    1. I do have one that has a fleece layer you can take out for warmer weather but it can only cope with so much rain before it goes through, so definitely need something like this

  7. Looks like GAMMA has a great selection of stylish jackets to keep warm especially during cold wintery months such as what we are experiencing now.

  8. This sounds like a really interesting jacket, I like that it can be used all seasons, that is definitely something a bit different to bring to the market.

  9. This is a great jacket for all seasons and looks super stylish too! What a great idea to use graphene.

    1. It is a great jacket and one that I would love to own especially as I am fed up getting soaked when out walking the dogs at the moment

  10. That jacket sounds cool. We do a lot of walking, my husband makes videos including walks in Wales and he would love it

    1. It would be a great jacket for long walks and with the pockets means you do not have to carry bags keeping your arms free

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