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How to Raise a Respectful Child

A respectful child understands that it’s important to have a sense of grace and to be thankful for the things they have in life. This also extends into their understanding of how some people are not so fortunate and might need more help in their day-to-day lives. 

Children who think of others have a good sense of respect and will generally find life a little easier than those who do not.

How to begin teaching respect


From the youngest age, your child should see you showing respect to others. You are their benchmark and their role model. They will look to you to learn about good manners and patience, about kindness and sensitivity. If you can display these characteristics, then your child will naturally pick them up too.

Here are some of the most basic ways in which you can demonstrate respectful behaviour:

  • Saying please and thank you
  • Putting others first
  • Caring for animals
  • Helping the very young and the very old
  • Volunteering for charities
  • Helping neighbours
  • Arranging small surprises for others

These little things make the world a better place for everyone. Talk about good manners and kindness to your child so that they understand what it means to help others and to be thoughtful. These attributes do need to be taught – they won’t happen without your influence.

Raise the bar


As your child grows, it’s important that you raise the bar and your expectations a little. Encourage your child to participate in volunteering within the local community, that’s something the leadership at this senior school in Wales have always made an important part of students’ journeys. 

As children learn more about the world, they need opportunities to be presented which allow them to make a difference. Encourage your child to join clubs, volunteer societies and groups and always remember to praise them for their achievements.

How to Raise a Respectful Child

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  • Gemma Hendry
    19th August 2021 at 8:43 am

    Great article and i hope i am raising a respectable child lol

    • admin
      19th August 2021 at 9:47 am

      We all hope we are, and I think we are when we hear how polite and respectful they are from others


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