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How To Plan A Big Get Together

Recently, we have been talking about renewing our wedding vows, this is something we have talked about for years.  I think it has come into conversation more recently because we have now been together for 20 years.

We have discussed many options from going abroad, to a function room in a hotel.  We had thought about renewing or vows where we stayed on our wedding night, but as I spoke about recently that is not somewhere we will be wanting to do this now. The one we keep coming back to is getting all our closest family and friends together and looking at big houses to rent. This way it will be relaxed for everyone, no one has to worry about driving or getting taxis.

As we do not want anything religious this would be perfect as we just want to say our own vows and just have someone there to say a few words also.  Before we spend a weekend of having fun.

With everything in our minds we are now looking at party houses to host our special ocassion.  That has enough space both inside and outside.

By going for this option we can get what we want, as in space which is very important.  As there is nothing worse than feeling cramped or on top of each other.  However great we get on with others, there is a time you have just had enough and will need to take a bit of time out.

Secretly, I have been planning this for a very long time now, and luckily we are both on the same page with what we both want. I have a list of what needs to be done

  • Guest Invitations
  • Dresses
  • Suites
  • Catering

With the most important part being the venue, as much as we love modern interiors.  For a celebration like this, we want something a little older, with a bit of character to it. It also has to be somewhere accessible by everyone. So this is something we are  looking into. Plus accessibility for wheelchair users, which a lot of people tend to forget.  Obviously this is a major factor with us, so is always top of our list.  But it is something everyone has to consider when looking at places to host large groups or parties.

Whilst we have been looking for ideas, we have thought about breaks over Christmas and New Year, where you just want to get away and spend time with close friends, although I think we are a little too late to arrange something this year.  As everyone has their plans already made.

I would love to get away for a Christmas and/or New Years break, where you are away from home can relax and have fun with close family and/or friends.  Where you can all stay in one place.  Light a log fire and sit chatting or playing games.  Going for leisurly walks together before coming back to warm hot drinks and chat as you all warm up from the cold outside.  I have it all planned in my head.

Have you ever planned something like this? Any do’s or dont’s you would advice.  Or have you used a party house before? I would love to hear your stories.

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