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How to Plan a Better Birthday for Twins

Having one child to plan an amazing birthday celebration for can be complicated enough. If you happen to be a parent of multiples, then you’re going to have double the challenges. Twins can be a lot of fun, and they have a bond like no two other people in the world. However, planning a celebration for twins can be tricky.

It’s difficult to know as a parent how much you should lean into the similarities of your dual sisters or brothers, and how much you should make sure that they still feel like an individual. To help you make the right choices this year, here are some of our top tips.

Get the Theme Right


One of the best things about planning a party for twins, is that there are tons of great themes available. You can get everyone to dress up like twins or have a “Thing One and Thing Two” theme from cat in the hat. However, it’s important to listen to your twins carefully. Speak to them in advance (before the big day) and ask them if they have any ideas of what they would like for their birthday party. If both children want quite different things, then don’t try and force them into the same theme.

Even if you have to run a birthday party that’s half space-age themed, and half princess themed, there are plenty of ways for you to get creative.

Some Things Should be Separate

shared birthday

Having a birthday party for twins can be a fun experience, particularly if your kids are happy to follow the “shared birthday” theme. However, don’t forget to give each child equal attention on this special day. They should need to share a single gift between them just because they have their birthday on the same day. Remind any family and friends on this if they’re thinking of bringing a “joint” gift.

Just as there needs to be separate presents for each twin, there should also be a guest list that has the same number of people for each sibling. This will help your child to feel as though the day is as much for them as it is their sibling. Of course it’s always going to be hard to choose gifts for kids who have everything to begin with!

Have Two Cakes

birthday cake

Two birthdays means two guest lists, and two children expecting a delicious cake. You don’t want your kids to be fighting over who got to blow out the most candles at the end of the birthday song. With that in mind, keep it simple and buy a cake for each sibling. It might mean that you spend a little more but remember that at least you’re only hosting one birthday party, instead of two.

Remember to ask your child or find out what kind of food and flavours they’d like to see at their birthday party before you start working on the catering. The last thing you want is to just give your children all the food that one twin wants, and none of the other’s favourites.

Plan Plenty of Activities


A great thing about holding a twin party, is that the two of them will usually have each other to keep themselves occupied. However, it’s also helpful to have some activities in mind. For instance, after your children have heard the “happy birthday” song twice, you could consider some fun party games, each designed to focus on a specific skill or interest of one of the twins.

Make sure that the activities of the day are easily divided between the two kids. Remember to put plenty of time in the schedule for napping and rest if you are hosting the party for younger children too. Remember that there’s going to be a lot of running around, a lot of sugar, and a lot of opportunities for your kids to wear themselves out.

Be Flexible and Patient

Planning a party for one child can be difficult enough. Planning the same kind of party for multiples is even harder. The good news is that as your children get older, they’ll be able to give you advice on what they’re looking for in a birthday celebration. Additionally, even if everything doesn’t go exactly according to plan, you should usually end up with some fun memories to share for years to come. Make sure that you take plenty of pictures to guarantee this.

If something happens, that throws the party off track, maintain your sense of patience, and your sense of humour. It’s not going to be an easy day, but it will be lots of fun.

How to Plan a Better Birthday for Twins

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