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How To Manage Your Time As A Blogger

As a Blogger I often find time just taking over. There is the writing of a new post, proof reading your post, adding pictures.  What links to put in – do you have a previous written post that would work well? sharing on social media and promoting. The list goes on and on.  Which is why I am looking at how to manage your time as a Blogger, to help get a better work and life divide.

Set Work Hours

set work hours

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People often think that working from home is great, as you can forget alarm clocks, the rush hour traffic.  In reality this is far from the truth.  Quite often you can get caught up in work and find you are working way into the night.

Set yourself working hours, just as you would if you were working, so you can enjoy your family time.  It is hard at first but you do feel better for it, and find you work better for doing it.

Learn To Say No


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It is so easy to keep saying yes to work, especially when first starting out.  If you keep saying yes you will find that you get more and more stressed and feel pressurised.  Plus your working hours will start to increase again.

It is ok to say no at times.  Look at the project and whether it will work with your niche, if it is of interest to your readers.

Social Media

social media

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An area we all know as Bloggers is Social Media, and promoting our posts across our various social media channels. This can be the most timely part of our jobs and can take up many hours of our time. There are social media marketing tools that can help ease the time we spend on our social media. By using a tool like this it will automate all your social media publishing, with the help of a social media calendar you can schedule your posts and always be on top of what is being posted, where it is being posted and how often it is being posted.



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Before you start your working day take some time to plan your day with what needs to be done, ie

  • emails to reply to
  • social media scheduling
  • posts to be written
  • photography to be sorted
  • replying to comments on your posts
  • Research
  • What you have not achieved that day move to tomorrow

Take a look at what you want to achieve that day and make a list, we all work in different ways and you will soon find your own routine on prioritising your work and in which order you work.

Working from home and for yourself can be great, and if you work out your time management properly you will find you have a great work/home level.

Have you any other ideas or things you do to manage your time efficiently?

How To Manage Your Time As A Blogger



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  • Sarah Bailey
    12th March 2020 at 11:08 pm

    Honestly, this is something I really need to think about I don’t manage my time well at all and I never know when to say no. I need to learn to utilise social media more as I neglect it a lot.

    • admin
      13th March 2020 at 10:14 am

      It is only when you sit and think about it that you realise how much more you could achieve or how you can manage your time that you realise


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