How to help your child make new friends

How to help your child make new friends

Starting a new school and making new friends can be a worrying time for children and their parents too. Although some children are naturally sociable, many children suffer from shyness. This can hinder their ability to develop new friendships. Fortunately, this is something that parents can help their children to overcome, using a few simple techniques. Manor Lodge, a private school in Hertfordshire have compiled a list of tips to help you help!

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Invite new friends round

Play dates and trips to the park can be invaluable when it comes to helping your child build friendships. One on one time can be exactly what children need. To be able to get to know each other and establish common ground and activities that they enjoy together. Without the pressure of the rest of the class being around.

Build confidence

It can sometimes be difficult to speak to new people or step outside our comfort zones at any age. Help your child to develop their social skills and work on their confidence from a young age by challenging them to simple things such as ordering the cake at the coffee shop, speaking to the sales assistant when buying school uniform or simply bringing them into your own conversations with other people when out and about.

After school clubs

Extracurricular activities are a great opportunity to meet new people a chance for your child to make friends with people that already have something in common with them, perfect!

Stand back!

Children will naturally gravitate towards people they already know rather than stepping outside their comfort zone and making new friends. If you, an older sibling or any familiar face is in the room it could be hindering their confidence. Try as much as possible to step back and let them really build on new friendships by simply not being in the same room as them all the time!

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  1. Stand back. I think parents have to set their kids up to meet other kids, but they have to stand back and let them make friends on their own terms. That’s what my parents did.

  2. These are all great tips to help one’s kids make friends. It’s usually very difficult for shy kids. These tips would definitely go a long way in helping them socialize.

  3. Laughed on the stand back but true. It will happen naturally and I agree that it will be more comfortable for them when you give them the space.

  4. I totally agree with the last one. Parents need to step back once in a while. I taught preschoolers before and kids make friends when the parents are not there to watch them. One of my rules is for parents to stop lurking on the windows. LOL.

  5. Love your reminder that it is very important to stand back. I also notice this with my daughter. If I am around, she would want to sit beside me. If I leave, that’s the time she’ll start playing with the other kids.

    1. It is hard as a parent to stand back, but we all have to do it and let them make their own friends and only stepping in if we really have to

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