How To Go Alcohol Free Review and Giveaway

How To Go Alcohol Free Review and Giveaway

You will probably be aware of my other how to go free reviews. In case you missed them you can find out more by clicking the links below

Today we are going to look at How To Go Alcohol Free and offer you the chance to win a copy of the book.

About How To Go Alcohol Free

With drinking on the decline, and more and more people are turning away from the bottle. For financial or wellbeing benefits.  Maybe for financial stability, to sleeping better, health benefits. How To Go Alcohol Free helps you take control whether you are a heavy drinker or a ocassional drinker. Showing how you can enjoy life beyond the booze.

Where To Begin


#1 Know The Risks – With alcohol being one of the most normalised and widely used drugs on the planet  Plus with it being sold in pretty bottles and fancy marketing, it is easy to be swayed and overlook just how dangerous booze can be.

#2 Don’t Fall For The Old Wives Tales – we have all heard that red wine is good for the heart, but just how many glasses do you drink believing it is good for the heart

Navigating Early Sobriety


#21 Get Clear On Your Why – When it comes to stopping drinking and staying motivated, one of the best and easiest actions is to figure out your ‘why’. So when you think I can’t be bothered with this, or whatever thought or question comes up you can answer with a why/

#22 Have Snacks And Water On Hand For Wine O’clock – This is something I make sure of for myself and have drummed it into my boys.  Alternate with a soft drink, drink water to stay hydrated.


#39 Don’t Worry About Drinking Dreams – Some people have drinking dreams, which is common in sobriety, but these do not mean you are going to slip back to drinking

#40 Know That The Road Ahead Is Easier – The start is always the hardest, but it does get easier

These are just a few snippets of the book, there are 100 tips that offer help and support and encouragement, which is available from Amazon.

The Giveaway

If you are wanting to go alcohol free or reduce your alcohol limit I have 5 copies of the book to give away.  See below on how to enter

How To Go Alcohol Free

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How To Go Alcohol Free Review and Giveaway



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  • Mark Mccaffery 4 weeks ago Reply

    Y favourite non alcoholic drink is Pepsi max

  • Solange 4 weeks ago Reply

    Homemade lemonade

  • Natalie Crossan 4 weeks ago Reply

    Diet coke is my favourite

  • Margaret Mccaffery 4 weeks ago Reply

    My favourite is fresh orange juice and lemonade.

  • Tina H 4 weeks ago Reply

    Honestly, I just love fizzy water with fresh fruit. So refreshing and delicious.

  • Helen Arlow 4 weeks ago Reply

    Has to be coffee for me x

    Margaret Gallagher 2 weeks ago Reply

    Lime soda

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  • ann goody 4 weeks ago Reply

    Yes, fizzy water and elderflower cordial. Thanks for the chance, this would make interesting reading

  • Gill Williams 4 weeks ago Reply

    I love Melon Juice.

  • Kim M 4 weeks ago Reply

    Homemade lemonade x

  • michelle o'neill 4 weeks ago Reply

    pure orange juice

  • Rich Tyler 4 weeks ago Reply

    Love apple juice

  • Carole Nott 4 weeks ago Reply

    Grapefruit juice

  • Danielle Spencer 4 weeks ago Reply

    I love a simple diet lemonade.

    Deborah Clarke 3 days ago Reply

    I love ice cold grapefruit juice. Its just so refreshing

  • Lisa Wilkinson 4 weeks ago Reply

    Rose Lemonade

  • Iris 3 weeks ago Reply

    My homemade scarlet bee balm sirup for a cold drink or herbal teas

  • Ruth Harwood 3 weeks ago Reply

    I’m a big coffee drinker xx

  • Dan 2 weeks ago Reply

    Great stuff!

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  • A.E. ADKINS 2 weeks ago Reply

    Sparkling water is my fav

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  • Michelle Ferguson 6 days ago Reply

    Coca cola is my favourite

  • min 6 days ago Reply

    I love a fresh milkshake!

  • Jessica Forster 2 days ago Reply

    sparkling water with fresh limes

  • Ross Leech 2 days ago Reply

    Coffee at the moment, but squash in the summer.

  • Rebecca Roberts 1 day ago Reply

    Sparkling water and fresh orange is my favourite love it and its so refreshing

  • Cathryn Crawshaw 1 day ago Reply

    coffee for me

  • Paul Meulen 1 day ago Reply

    Pineapple juice

    Catherine Gregory 14 mins ago Reply

    I love a latte

  • Adrian Bold 23 hours ago Reply

    A nice cup of tea.

  • Sandra Foreman 21 hours ago Reply

    strawberry milkshake

  • Maria Fernandez 20 hours ago Reply

    Coca Cola!

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  • Alix Smith 19 hours ago Reply

    soda water

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  • Hannah Igoe 2 hours ago Reply

    I love a non alcholic mojito – ginger and mint is lush

  • Pam Gregory 25 mins ago Reply

    A nice cup of tea

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