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How to Choose the Right Boiler Cover for Your Home

Boilers are a necessity for many households in the UK, providing a reliable way to stay warm during winter. Due to the usually high maintenance and replacement costs that come with owning one, boiler cover has become increasingly popular. It ensures that if your boiler breaks down, you’ll have a reliable and stress-free way to get it repaired.

How to Choose the Right Boiler Cover for Your Home

Boiler servicing contracts usually offer value-added services, such as an annual check-up and additional cover for electrical wiring or other equipment in your home. Of course, these additional services will increase what you pay each month. This is why it’s important to find the right cover provider from the start.

Boiler Cover Cost

According to research conducted by Which?, boilers typically require repair once every three and a half years. Annual servicing costs £81 on average, while boiler repairs can cost between £155 and £205. Boiler servicing contracts tend to run at a maximum annual cost of £250 without additional home emergency cover. You shouldn’t pay more than this.

Take cover provider Certi, for example. Their basic boiler service is only £162 per year. Full cover for all home emergencies is under £190 per year and includes a variety of services, such as boiler check-ups and service, pest control, security, plumbing, drains, electrics, heating and more. There are also incentives to save you 50% for the first four months.

Covering an Older Boiler

Another survey by Which? found that 25% of respondents own a boiler that’s over 10 years old. Around 50% of firms they researched had a maximum age for boilers in their policy – usually around the 10-year mark. Therefore, you should find a provider with an unlimited claim cost so that your boiler can be replaced even when it’s beyond economic repair.

Choosing the Best Policy

A good way to cut costs is to choose a policy that is best suited for your circumstances. For example, homeowners who have a boiler for both the heating and water in their home will be better off including central heating in their cover, as this includes protection for radiators.

Be sure to consider whether there is already separate cover for other components in your home, such as piping, electrics, and drainage. It would be pointless buying a higher level of cover if these components are already insured. If you don’t currently have coverage for anything, then it would be wise to buy comprehensive cover to save in the long run.

Annual Boiler Service

Experts recommend that an annual service should be included in any boiler cover policy. This is because a regular checkup performed by an expert will ensure that your boiler is in working order, thus prolonging its life and preventing more costly issues down the line.


If possible, you should pay for your first year of cover at once. This can help you save over £100 per year. That said, getting boiler cover as soon as possible is a wise choice. It’ll save you money and provide some much-needed peace of mind, which is always great to have. 

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