How many hats?

How many hats?

I am just sitting down after a very busy day, and was thinking how many jobs us mums do on a daily/weekly basis, plus all the extra little things we do. How many hats do you wear each day?

Off the top of my head here are a few I do without thinking about


I prepare breakfast, lunch and dinners every day, plus make bread, cakes, biscuits etc as extras to the daily food preparation


Clean the house, there is always hoovering, mopping, dusting, kitchen to clean, bathroom to clean


Have grouped, the food shopping, washing, ironing, changing beds etc into this category


Paying bills, budgeting, pocket money etc

Taxi Driver

There are the school runs, driving the kids to their friends, parties or any other social event they need taking too


Running their diaries, for sleepovers, parties, school assemblies, school trips, days out


If you have more than two children, you are always having to referee arguments and fights. If like in my house where you turn your back and they start.


It is always Mum they want when they are ill, and we try to do our best to make them better


When they come home from school, and have had an argument with their friend, and it is the end of the world

We do all this and more, daily without even thinking about it.  Plus today I have also been a labourer, moving gravel from the front to the back garden and photographers assistant, as my husband was trying different lighting.

It is no wonder us mums, are stressed and tired at the end of the day.  Just looking at all these jobs we do on a daily basis without even thinking.

Do not ever let anyone make you feel bad for just being a mum. Just remember how many hats you where in a day.

Have you seen my post on chores we hate, with some interesting facts.


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  1. These are all correct I literally just stopped a fight my two boys and now have to already head up and start bedtime routines for the small before coming back and finish dinner for the rest so it’s not easy but that’s why we are the only ones who can where all these hats.

  2. Yes these seem true to me. And I am a dad.
    You forget ‘prison officer’.
    Atleast that I probably what your kids might call you one day when you say ‘ No’

  3. I had a meeting with someone at the Job Centre recently and created a CV. I said I’ve “just” been a mum for the last so many years and she listed all of these things and all the life experience I’ve had through doing them. I went from feeling I didn’t do much to feeling like I’ve achieved so much! x

    1. What a great reminder to always appreciate our mums and help them as much as we can. Hope i can do this all one day when i have my own children

  4. Mums are just a wonder! They are simply amazing! They really do multitask and we cannot fail to appreciate that. Cheers to all mums out here!

  5. You name it and we have done it as a mom. We wear more than one hat and we do it with love. That’s why it is so important to care for ourselves so we can continue to care for others.

  6. I can totally relate. I do carry different hat. Aside from our responsibilities in the family, I also have many hats to fulfill at work since I handle multiple clients. All together, just to give you a figure I think 20. 🙂

  7. Give it yp for mums. I miss mine as she is late. They multi-task alot and they are just God on earth for us all. God bless all mums and keep then strong for us all. Many hats for sure.

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