How Does Changing Schools Affect Your Child’s Education?

How Does Changing Schools Affect Your Child's Education?

Moving your child from one school to another can be a very unsettling and stressful experience. This move can affect your child both socially and academically, so the transition will need to be handled very sensitively by parents.

To help parents prepare for changing their child’s school, here is some great advice from an independent boy’s school in Surrey

Be positive

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If you are planning to move your child to a new school, try to point out all of the benefits it will offer them. Stay positive about the move and maintain an optimistic attitude for your child to follow. If your child sees that you are confident about the transition it will help to settle their own nerves.
Leading up to the move, show your child the school’s website or prospectus and visit the school together to look around. This will help your child to familiarise themselves with their new school, rather than suffering with the fear of the unknown.

Plan ahead

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Sudden changes like a new environment and new people can cause children to suffer from anxiety. With this in mind, reassure your child that they can stay in touch with old friends and even meet up with them over school holidays. The trick here is to make them feel a little less alone. For younger children, parents could arrange a play date with some of the new classmates to help their child settle in.

Extra support

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When moving schools, it’s not just the school building that’s new. Your child will also have to adapt to new teachers, new classmates and possibly a new curriculum. If they are behind or ahead in their new class, they could lose interest during lessons. If this is a concern, ask the new teacher to keep an eye on your child and offer extra support should they need it. It is especially important for parents to be patient and not to criticise their child if they are performing poorly at the start of the transition. Remember it will take time for your child to adjust to their new school life.

How Does Changing Schools Affect Your Child's Education?

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  1. My youngest changed schools last year when we moved house.
    After being bullied in her old school and being diagnosed with social anxiety we were nervous about it but it’s been the best thing for her. She settled into her new school so well and it was the change she needed.

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