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Get More Out Of Your Property With These Affordable Decor Tips

The New Year, and an entire new decade is upon us. In all areas of fashion then, from home decor, to tech, to clothes. We are sure to be inundated with a whole host of new trends. While some of these will last, there will also be a countless line of others that we look back on in a few years and wonder what on earth we were all thinking.

However, one that looks absolutely certain to play a big part in our lives for the foreseeable is sustainability. From interior designers in Chester, to roofers in Chester-le-Street, it’s set to become a core aspect of how we work, live and think.

An added bonus, thankfully, is that living sustainably doesn’t have to be all that expensive – here are some affordable tips that embrace this trend in home decor and improvement.

Recent trend, older materials

Reclaimed wood has been growing in popularity over the last decade (like this example published in The Telegraph, back in 2013). Known back then as ‘Modern Rustic’, using reclaimed wood is now more of a lifestyle choice, than a trend. Although with so many people embracing it, it’s about as trendy a movement as you will encounter this year.

But alongside the continued rise of veganism, ethical sourcing, and people keen to generally just do a little bit more for the planet, there’s really no better way to decorate the home than to reuse old furniture, flooring, and decorations. Stripping painted wooden furniture, repurposing planks as shelves, and creating patio furniture from palettes is a great way to save money while adding sustainable character to the home.

Plan for plants and planters

Bringing the beauty of the garden into the luxury of the home is another excellent way of embracing sustainable living. If you are not a green-fingered individual yourself, you could ask friends or family members for some cuttings. And add plenty of colour, character, and charm to any room in the home. recommends using unwanted bowls, pans and coffee pots as planters, which could avoid at least one trip to the tip this spring with unwanted items from the kitchen. Doing this would also save you plenty of money on shopping for mass-manufactured accessories. Or looking for one-off, focal point pieces that aren’t guaranteed to stand the test of time (and trends!).

Tidy and tranquil

In terms of colour schemes then, less is certainly more. Dulux has revealed its Colour of the Year for 2020 as the wonderfully laid-back ‘Tranquil Dawn’. Which is clearly made to be enjoyed in a suitably relaxed environment. Your vibrant plants and natural wooden features will both work beautifully. With this calming colour that embodies the positive. Sustainable ethos that has become perfectly palatable for people all over the world.

Although ‘tranquil’ does mean free from disturbance. This certainly does not mean separated from style. So if you have never been keen on Scandinavian minimalism, there is no need to fret. Rather than picturing an empty room, envisage one that’s packed with calm. And if you’ve succeeded in putting it all together without spending too much money. There is no reason why it should feel like anything else.

Get More Out Of Your Property With These Affordable Decor Tips

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