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Finding The Best Lighting For Your Home And Office

As many of you will know, we have a studio in our garden, that my husband built for his photography.  Recently we have been changing things around slightly and have partitioned the studio off.  We now have an area for photography and also a separate area for working, office and crafting.

Obviously, with this lighting is important.  Which has resulted in many discussions about what would work best. We are now discussing two different lighting options

LED Lighting

LED lighting

Photo by Renith R on Unsplash

In a working environment, lighting is key.  LED Lighting, offers you not only the obvious lighting, but you can also gives you the chance to select the lighting to the area you want to highlight.  Especially great if working on items you need to concentrate on.

I personally prefer, LED lighting because it is adaptable to your working or living environment.

If using in the home, you can have mood changing coloured lights, which can be great fun.

LED Panels

I do know about LED panels, as we do currently have one in our working area.  I love this as it creates a wider lighting experience.

The benefits

Like everyone, looking for more effective lighting whether in your office, which many of us are doing now we are working from home.  To lighting around the house.  We want lighting that is efficient, works well and can save us money.

You will find by making the swap to changing your light bulbs to LED, or changing your whole lighting that you will find that

  • The LED’s are longer lasting than traditional light bulbs
  • They are more energy efficient
  • Offer a highter brightness and intensitiy, great for those of us working from home
  • Have a great colour range, where you can have the traditional or go for funky colours of green, pink, blue etc
  • They have low radiated heat
  • Much more reliable than traditional bulbs
  • You can direction the light to where you need it brighter

My home, is now all LED lighted I find my kitchen which I always struggled with being bright enough.  Now has two LED strip panels and there is no area that is dull and dim.  I can actually see what I am doing so no excuses for a ruined dinner now.

Have you moved over to LED lighting?

Finding The Best Lighting For Your Home And Office






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