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ExoGun DreamPro: Deep Tissue Massage Gun for Stress & Pain Relief

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Massage is one of the most practical ways to alleviate stress and muscle tension, but it’s often inaccessible to many people. Finding reliable practitioners can be hard, and the sessions can be expensive and time-consuming.

But what if you could get a quick yet effective treatment without leaving your bed or armchair? This is where ExoGun DreamPro comes into play.

It’s a portable massager that addresses tense areas of your body to provide instant relief from injuries or chronic stress. It’s highly convenient for busy parents who need to take a break from their hectic pace of life and combat anxiety. Let’s see what makes this device so beneficial.

Groundbreaking Massage Method

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One of the main highlights of ExoGun is its massage method. Instead of rendering simple vibrations, the gadget delivers percussive therapy, a deep tissue massage technique with a huge number of health benefits.

The method rapidly impacts your muscles to reduce tension and improve circulation. What is more, you can complete your session in just one minute as the device strikes your muscles 30 times each second.

Hence, it’s ideal for busy people who don’t have enough time to hit the gym or visit spa centers. Here’s how it can boost your health:

  • Releasing knots and tension – Percussion massage directs blood into your muscles to smooth out knots, restore muscular function, and eliminate pain. Consequently, you can easily deal with tangled muscles.
  • Improved circulation – Knotted muscles prevent blood from circulating effectively, leading to health problems and blocking vital nutrients. To alleviate this, ExoGun DreamPro regulates blood flow by opening blood vessels. In the process, it also gives you a quick energy boost.
  • Greater flexibility – Less tension helps ensure limber muscles. Just one minute of using the gun can help restore your range of motion and get you back on your feet.
  • Better posture – ExoGun lets you achieve healthy joints and muscles, facilitating good posture. This effect supports optimal bone health and prevents pain throughout your body.
  • Relieving stress – Stress isn’t only caused by mental issues. Tension in your shoulders, neck, and spine can massively contribute to depression and anxiety. With ExoGun, you can target these areas, signaling your body to wind down.
  • Boosting energy – Percussive massage is also a great way to reinvigorate yourself. The treatment infuses your muscles with energy, and you may even experience euphoria after the session. Plus, this surge can last for a whole day, making you livelier and more productive.

Simple and Practical Design

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The overall design and build quality of ExoGun DreamPro is excellent. The item is compact, extremely lightweight, and ergonomic. You can easily grip it and carry it in your backpack or travel bag. In addition, the angular handle ensures optimal comfort holding the product without overburdening your arms.

The massager comes with an extra layer of soft and frictional material to provide additional traction. This way, the model won’t accidentally fall or slip from your hands regardless of the position. Furthermore, the shock-absorbing grip reduces any excessive vibration, allowing you to hold the gun without experiencing pain or discomfort.

Adjustable Attachments


Another great thing about ExoGun is that it works for nearly all muscle groups. The four different attachments tackle specific areas of the body:

  • Type one – The most widely-used attachment is the Ballpoint. It comes with a soft foam lining and a big surface to target large muscles.
  • Type two – Featuring a tapered edge, the Bullethead attachment works great for joint massages. It’s excellent for elbow sections and inner knees.
  • Type three – the Fork attachment has U-shaped twin edges to address muscles connected to the spine.
  • Type four – If you want to cover as many muscles as possible, use the Flathead attachment. It’s a universal component designed for nearly any body part, including the chest, shoulders, and calves.


Exceptional Versatility

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Due to a variety of settings, DreamPro is a terrific all-around massage tool. Namely, there are six speeds, ranging from 1200 to 3200 percussions per minute. Therefore, it delivers more power than most similar products, accommodating all your massage needs.

Quiet Yet Powerful

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While most brands focus only on the power of their massager, ExoGun also pays attention to noise output. There’s a high-performing brushless motor that minimises noise while the item is activated.

Despite the low-noise operation, the gadget renders powerful vibrations and blows. As a result, you can reach deep tissue and reduce aches without disturbing your coworkers or neighbours.

Keep Stress at Bay With a Handy Device


Your busy schedule can take a massive toll on your health, but now you know how to alleviate all the adverse effects. With ExoGun DreamPro you can easily tackle tight muscles to rid your body of anxiety and improve your overall mood. Best of all, it takes just a couple of minutes for the gun to work its magic.

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ExoGun DreamPro: Deep Tissue Massage Gun for Stress & Pain Relief

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